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representation of black women

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I find this topic very interesting for many reasons. As a black female I have found in my lifetime that, not only has black history been smoke screened & forgotten, and black people were still lower classed in every way until the late 1980's & 1990's. Being portrayed as short of half descent folk. In the following essay I will discuss past issues and how they have been resolved and re-resolved today. I will discuss the following issues; segregation from fashion and beauty, the representation of black people on television in the 1980's and the result of misrepresentation in youth today and economical crisis of Africa. From what I have witnessed for the past twenty years on British television has changed since I was a child, but not all seems positive. As a child I noticed around the late 1980's early 1990's that there were fewer people, who looked like me on TV. I can recall wanting blond, long hair and becoming slightly withdrawn, but as the times changed a burst of black characters, extras appear on British television. ...read more.


This I believe has happened because the glamorisation of youth crime, designing adverts to attract teenage attention also open the young to the whole idea of being 'bad'. This is considered as respectful in local areas among the youth. Another segregation that is present today still in some areas is the industry of fashion and cosmetics. In the book Ain't I a Beauty Queen, the author describes being a young coloured lady and wanting the same things all women want, to feel beautiful. At the time this was very hard to achieve and women had to fight for the right to compete along side other women who were white. Today colour women are still excluded from the major catwalks and magazine covers. I believe only a handful of black celebrities make it in the business, let alone another industry. Unless the appear a fair complexion to seem more likable to the majority, for example Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Amerie & Hallie Berry. Many photographers have been asked why they produce picture with the majority not reflecting all beauty. ...read more.


And lastly the economic crisis of Africa. This caused a public opinion of laziness, helpless and down class of Africans today. Continuously displaying clips of skinny people, sitting around lifeless may trigger a bust in charity funds but the public opinion may have been lowered due to this. Also from a child's point of view, you see all that and when they arrive here because of famine, you the child already have an opinion of that individual because of what you saw on TV. This I believe added to the under-achievement of young colour men. Which leads an increase in crime because they haven't an interest for school, they don't want the education, so they go elsewhere are do what they want. Consider the influence media has had on the representation of black people. It hasn't been positive but things are changing little by little. In the past fifth teen years it has gone from riots to hooded yobs and hopefully it will be successful students with a future in five years. But the point is media influences our personal opinions. The Misrepresentation of Black People in the Media 1 Louise Chung/The Misrepresentation of Black People in the Media/January 9th 2007/Contextual Historical Analysis/Ken Montague ...read more.

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