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Rescue of Princess Fiona

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Luke Slisz 10C Shrek Coursework, part 1 Rescue of Princess Fiona In traditional fairytles, such as 'Snow White', traditional ogres and princesses are enemies by nature. in traditional fairytales it is the prince who slays the ogre and marries the princess to live 'hppily ever after' ; they are enemies. Traditionallly thee is good and evil, ogres are evil (wiched, heartless and violent) unlike princes and princesses who are goodwilled, noble and kind. Stereotypical ogres seen as 'beasts' are those who live in the wild and slaughter animals as they please, it doesn't matter because they only care for themselves. Stereotypical princesses are seen as beautiful, elegant and fragile. A startling sight only worth to be married by royalty. In comparing, the characters of Shrek to the giant from Jack And The Beanstalk, they are very different. But one thing they have in common is that they both live alone because they are feared. But it is the giant who is the killer and will 'grind your bones for bread'. Shrek is a sensative charater with his 'layers' and the giant is not. Shrek has been given a true love by fate, while the giant falls to his death from the beanstalk. ...read more.


Immediately Shrek is thrown into an angry rage and he belows at all of them "your welcome is offically over!" And tells them he is going to see Farquard to free them from his swamp. The storybook characters respond instantly by applauding him like a hero and treat him as their champion. Shrek isn't a vilent ogre, he doesn't want to hurt them but sort things out so everyone is happy including himself. Shrek wants them out as soon as possible buyt he wants to do it the humane way. Shrek is traveling to Lord Farquard, at this time through the fields Donkey suggests to him an idea of taking his swamp back: "pull some o` that ogre trick on him" and Shrek replies gruesomely "decapitate a whole village, stick their heads pikes, cut open their spleins adn drink their fluids." Further on inside the fighting arena when Shrek is being forced back by the knights and Shrek suggests "can't we settle this over a pint?", he is frightened of being harmed by the many that were there and harming overs, the consiquences in all. With so many about, mayhem is going to appear. Shrek just wants to settle this, so doing "over a pint" should appeal to the soldiers, in his opinion. ...read more.


the slow, gentle bond between Shrek and Fiona when the fight is over that the viewer can easily can easily identify and understand, the message of good conquers evil an love triumphs all is created from Shrek and Fiona's first first, adn the magic of when the spell is broken. After true love's first kiss between Shrek and Fiona where the spell is broken, beams of light shoot from the hands, feet and finally head unleashes the dramatism and the mass effect as well as power the speel has over Fiona. The shockwave of light to shatterall windows (exept one), the shear intensity of the light which should pass through glass and magic is displayed and smashes them all to pieces. As Fiona lays on the floor motionless with the sunset sunlight reachign through the hollow window frames, the setting seems magical, but in different terms. The voice singing within the breakage of the spell where Fiona is up in mid-air fits with this scene of Finoa melting into her harmony of becoming her true form. The voice being used exploits the emotion and factors of this scene. The ligthing there, brightest from fiona, has all to focus upon Fiona and combine with the music to complete the moment and perfect the scene. ...read more.

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