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Research- creating and selling a health magazine.

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Overall Research Overall the research I conducted I found the following elements that I have outlined below. Firstly, I found out the steps involved into producing a magazine which enabled the group to make their work easier as they would know what to do. Also, I found out how to create a bar code in Macromedia Fireworks as bar codes appear on every magazine that is published. Secondly, I found existing health magazines contain specific pages such as a contents page, an editorial etc. These pages were the main pages that every health magazine contained and this is what the group's magazine should contain. ...read more.


Most magazines contain a logo and have a catchphrase as I found with most of the health magazines. The logos used for the health magazines were mainly of fruits which were made to stand out by the colour schemes used and the catchphrases used were all to do with exercising, healthy eating and drinking right. Also, the colour scheme used for each health magazine was another aspect I found. The colour scheme used in the health magazine was mainly consisting of dark and light colours which when used together make the magazine stand out. Fourthly, I found that the pages in the health magazine were not set at any limit but most of the magazines on health had pages at least between twenty five to forty. ...read more.


Other times they agree to sell the magazines but on a trial basis which means they can see how well the magazine is selling, what the customer is willing to pay and just how popular the magazine really is. There is advantage and disadvantage in this as not only can we lose a lot of money from producing the magazine and giving it away for free but we can also gain a lot of new customers and more revenue. Finally, I found that the software used by companies to produce magazines is called Microfilmaker. Also, I learnt that the magazine on health can be purchased online from websites like Amazon or shops such as WH Smith. ...read more.

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