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Review the leaflet "bike for your life"

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Question 1.a) The leaflet "bike for your life" is made to persuade and give the information to the reader to take more cycling exercise. The leaflet tells lots of information, which might interest the reader to get on with cycling, and also uses presentational techniques such as headlines, pictures, sub-headings, and information boxes. The use of the headlines helps for the writer to give positive sense towards the reader. For example, the top headline '...you'll enjoy it!' is in a very italic and thin font to set the light mood for the leaflet, rather than using bold letters giving pressure to the reader, which will make the reader feel the cycling is not an easy exercise for everyday. This headline is places at the top to help the reader to start reading the leaflet without any pressure. Also, the headline at the bottom 'bike for your life' assembles all the ideas that the reader would achieve if he takes cycle exercises, as all of the things like 'fitness', 'heart attack', 'weight', and 'stress', which are written in the text of the leaflets, are to do with life. ...read more.


They break up the text and make it easier on the eye. And also they can attract the reader to read the text as they will focus on certain attractive quotes which are chosen to draw the reader in. Some of the sub-headings like 'Where to Find Help?' and 'What's In It For You?' contains rhetorical question, and uses 'you' to involve the reader directly. The leaflet "bike for your life" uses many presentational devices such as headlines, images, and sub-headings with information boxes dividing each section of information very effectively to give interests and information of cycling exercise to the reader. Question 1.b) In the article, "Bike-friendly? It's all uphill" the writer Richard Morrison tries to persuade the reader about his views on the National Cycling Strategy using lots of language techniques. He uses lots of rhetorical question in the title, and in the text as well. The rhetorical question in the title 'Bike-friendly? Its all uphill' asks the reader to think about 'is the bike friendly to us', and tells 'no it is not.' The writer directly shows his opinion to set the negative tone to the bike. ...read more.


For example, in the sentence 'you may be sceptical. So am I' the writer talks as if the reader is experiencing the same as the writer does to get the reader in the writer's side. Additionally he even uses such harsh words like 'daftness' to describe the bike system, to show his negative view towards it. The writer also uses factual stastics to help him seem as if his opinion is never going be wrong and is professional. For example, 'an astonishing 150,000 are stolen in Britain each year.' He uses such fact to give more believable sense to his opinion, but also this fact shocks the reader a lot because the amount of astonishing stolen are actually massive. The comparison of bike system between Britain and other countries are very shocking as well, and the use of factual records adds the opinion's certainty. The article 'Bike-friendly? It's all uphill' written by Richard Morrison uses very good variety of language to persuade the reader about his views on the National Cycling Strategy. He gets the reader in the writer's side by using lots of rhetorical questions to involve the reader, emotive words and informative words to change what the reader feels about the matter, and adds its certainty. ...read more.

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