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Save Jerusalem - Article Analysis

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Save Jerusalem This article has quoted Shaikh Sabri (Mufti of Palestine and Jerusalem)'s words about urging all Muslims to unite and recover Jerusalem, to which he referred as Muslim property. Such article has caused a situation and the Shaikh Sabri had been detained by Israeli police for questioning. I have read four different versions of this event from an international media agency (Reuters), British media (BBC), Israeli Haaretz Daily and Islam online, and found the four of them reporting this event in very distinctive ways. Some with protest, some support or justify and other stay neutral about the issue. Haaretz Daily, for example, being an Israeli media agency reported this event supporting and justifying the acts of isreali police. ...read more.


This way, reader's attention is completely fixed on what Sabri SAID, and not what the police DID to him. Islam online obviously held an opposite opinion to that of Haaretz, as being an Islamic media agency. On its article reporting the same event I found stronger and more negatively sensed words such as Sabri being "abducted" instead of detained by police, to cause a more violent impression on readers towards Israeli police and assert sympathy towards Sabri. For this same purpose this article has mainly focused on the way Israeli police "forcefully entered" Sabri's house and abducted him without letting him even to change from his pajamas. ...read more.


The article, in return has also justified either sides by reporting that "the police had acted on recommendation by the attorney general." And Sabri's son's declarations on his father being held over a friday sermon rather than "Save J." Article. Reuters, has reported this in a more neutral way as it is an international media agency and had to bear in mind opinions of different nations, or none. It reported the event by quoting very certain facts and exact words people said from either side without using any obvious and suggestive words to point out anyone's faults. This article contained justifications of both sides too, always with closely related facts. In general, the article was briefer than in some other publications, but no unnecessary information has been added for any purpose, nor was anything important hidden. ...read more.

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