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Saving private ryan

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Saving Private Ryan Saving Private Ryan is one of many famous movies created by the wonderfully talented Spielberg in 1998 starring tom hanks and matt Damon. The film is an accurate and down to earth depiction of World War II giving us a true in sight in to the lives of the soldiers. Saving Private Ryan changed the way cameras were utilized in film making and delved into the realism of the frontlines. The action scenes are given that extra bit of realism by desaturating the colour so that all of the glamour is taken of the screen and unveil the raw action being depicted. In the battle scenes especially the nature of the action is true to its historic past time that even the hand held cameras are noticed in effects. The movie starts with a close-up on the USA flag waving in the wind and fades down to Private Ryan's face, especially emphasizing his eyes and shows his emotions to what as then we see to be the graveyard. ...read more.


We then see a drink in his hand and his hand is shaking uncontrollably but the drink then calms his nerves. Once he's in the water Spielberg even uses underwater cameras to see the soldiers being shot under water. when captain millers regiment comes under fire by the mortar he's near the blast and all the sound is gone but a slight echo, this is when we are in the point of cpt. millers view and this is what he's going through and the camera switches from looking at cpt. miller to looking from the view of cpt. Miller to see the chaos surrounding him and gives us an overwhelming feel for cpt. Miller. A soldier comes to rescue miller and almost knock some sense into him and that's when all sound instantly comes alive and active again making it also seem louder than before. Fast-forward to the capture of the pillbox at the top of the hill where soldiers come running out of trenches and face their death by the soldiers and camera angles are rather normal ...read more.


Also at the end of this all the camera is gradually getting closer to the ground and closer to the soldiers until the camera finally comes to a rest fixed upon the name tag of one soldier namely 'Ryan. S'.Now the time on the battle scene is over and it switches to a government office where all the colour is back to the conventional movie style. To conclude I think the whole of the opening 24-minute battle scene derived much of its power not simply from the drama of the situation but largely from the chaos in the environment, the images were confused and bombastic and made us feel as though we were right in the middle of the war, Therefore succeeding in putting chaos up on the screen. While that partly remains true, when you've seen the movie a few times, the chaotic nature departs simply because you become so familiar with what will happen. The segment remains compelling but loses its value after repeat watchings. Overall it's a good film with a few storyline flaws which can be easily overlooked. ...read more.

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