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Saving Private Ryan is a strong emotional film packed with shock disappointment and a lot of realism. The film completely destroys the traditional war film genre.

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Saving Private Ryan Saving Private Ryan is a strong emotional film packed with shock disappointment and a lot of realism. The film completely destroys the traditional war film genre. War films are, conventionally, made with complete victory for the allies and complete destruction of the enemies. On the other hand, this movie shows the entire struggle in between this is a realistic plot as most soldiers struggled and put up a fight and it was just by sheer luck that our allies prevailed. Steven Spielberg directed this film fantastically, which starred actors such as, Tom Hanks and Matt Damon. Natural desaturatoin of colour is used a consistently in this movie. This is especially effective as the only colour shown directly is red, blood flowing into the sea, blood dripping off their faces, guts being spilt from abdomens and brains being shot out. ...read more.


This was a technique very similar to a newsreel. In the beginning scene the audience see an old man falteringly walking through what seems to be a nicely kept park. He has a dedicated and serious look on his face. This creates effect because with the slow and sombre music in the background, that started at the very beginning of the film at created a war-like, patriotic sense of security. He walks into a memorial site where there are literally thousands of graves. The camera attempts to look at the majority of the graves but cant due to the sheer quantity of them. This effects the watcher as it makes them wonder how dangerous it actually is to go to war. It also makes us feel a sense of depression for all those who sacrificed their lives in the war. ...read more.


into battle, on the other hand though people may be lead to believe the completely opposite thing, as during the trip to the beach a lot of men are trembling at the thought of arriving. Some of the men were also vomiting, and considering that not of the other tightly cramped soldiers seamed to be bothered buy this, there is a sense of acceptation as the men understand why they are vomiting; this leads the audience to believe that these gestures are expected, however why is that so accepted normal when they think they're heading to an empty beach The ships crashing against the waves give a pre battle sense of struggle and also the sight of the metal hedgehogs imply that it is a battle sight and can build a viewer's tension. during the boat ride there, captain miller ...read more.

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