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Semiotic Analysis of an advertisement. Xeryus Rouge a fragrance for men by Givenchy.

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________________ Semiotic Analysis of an advertisement. The advertisement on the left is promoting ?Xeryus Rouge? a fragrance for men by Givenchy. This example of advertisement emphasizes the various levels of meaning which are present in a sign, as argued by Barthes 1973. To start looking at the signifiers I will turn to lighting and colours, this advert?s softly focused, silver and white photography acts as a signifier which gives a sense of sensuality to the image. The advertisement uses an image of the product identify it and a human subject which is the key image to give the product a personality, it is important to note that the product is the only thing on the advert which has a burst of colour, based on the mise-on-scene I know that ...read more.


The appearance of both subjects are further signifiers, both are young and in their peak of physical and sexual condition. The signified description of the male subject; who uses his physical strength after gaining confidence by wearing the product to please a woman depict him as the ideal role model for a heterosexual man. The status of the man has been well established but why is this important? To answer this question we must look at the target audience and where the advert will be placed, it is most likely it will be on a men?s magazine, it is therefore likely that the readers of this advert will aspire to be as confident and powerful just like the male subject is shown to be in the picture. ...read more.


We can apply another theory to this advert: Mulvey?s theory ?The male gaze?. The advert is very much in the male protagonist?s point of view, we can see that the woman is portrayed from a male point of view and has been objectified, to gaze means more than just to look at, it implies a psychological relationship of power in which the gazer is superior to the object of the gaze- Schroeder. In conclusion this semiotic analysis of a product has revealed that the signifiers have been placed in the advertisement to create an image in the potential buyer?s mind, an image which shows them becoming ?better? by purchasing this product, it is a clever advert which may have been the reason behind why the fragrance was so popular and the reason why the customers bought into it. ...read more.

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