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Soup Script

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My Soup Opera script Scene 1 (Charlie, Kevin, Ben are getting ready for school whilst their mum Bianca is making breakfast) Kevin: Mum where is my tie and blazer. Bianca: Ohh, for God sake Kev look for it will be somewhere in your room. Charlie: Mum I need to pay my dinner money today. Bianca: Don't worry sweetie I have already paid for on Monday. ( whilst everyone else is getting ready Ben is hiding under his bed as he doesn't want to go to school) Scene 2 Arnold, Josef and Christopher are at Arnolds garage as Josef is thinking of buying a new car. ...read more.


Arnold: You wouldn't get a better offer then this nationwide and I'm not sure if I'll be able to offer u such a deal again. Scene 3 ( At the the khan's house there has been a argument again between the parents and everyone is in a bad mood. Zeyneb(wife), Adeel(dad), Saj, Waleed are in the living room.) Saj: Who is droping off to school today if anyone is. Adeel: Look I'm fed up off you making a joke every time there is a argument at our house. Waleed: Dad I'm getting late. Scene 4 (Josef and Arnold are still trying to make a deal for the car meanwhile Christopher has gone to work.) ...read more.


But you will only get 1 year guarantee. Scene 5 (Bianca is looking for Ben as he still is hiding under the bed.) Bianca: Ben where are you? Please come out now Ben your getting really late for school now. Look if you come out now I'll get you your favourite sweet. Ben: Promise. Bianca: Promise but now come out. Scene 6 (On Kensington street is an accident where Jack, Nicole and Billy are stuck and now are getting late for work.) Nicole: I told you we should have took the other way now you see what happens when you don't listen to me. Billy: Ohh for god sake don't start that I didn't know there is going to be a traffic jam. Jack: Stop arguing you two. We will hopefully be there on time. ...read more.

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