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Study of advertisements to publicise a free phone number that allowed the citizens of Northern Ireland to phone the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) to give information anonymously.

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English coursework-Media The "Troubles" in Northern Ireland amongst the Catholics and Protestants also recognized as the Political Divide has existed for centuries. There was a return of violence in the 1960's, which has been continuous till this present time. The unrest in Ulster has caused a significant number of deaths. The two advertisements that I will analyse in this coursework are from a series of advertisements from an advertising campaign produced by "MaCANN-ERICKSON". The aim of the advertisements was to publicise a free phone number that allowed the citizens of Northern Ireland to phone the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) to give information anonymously. The ads used any means possible to manipulate the citizens of Ulster into calling the free number (0800 666 999) to give information. The two adverts I am going to analyse are "Wanna be like you" and "New Boys". "Wanna be like you" is an advert about a plot based on a father who is involved in crime connected with murder. He hardly has time for his son, but his son grows up to be like him. ...read more.


"New Boys" doesn't use a narrative but the words of the music are connected with the advert. In both adverts the director focuses a lot on facial expressions. In "Wanna be like you" there is attention on the murder when he is shooting the people at the bar. The focus of the expression shows that the man is enjoying murdering the people behind the bar. But to the audience it creates detestation and sorrow. In "New Boys" the director concentrates on both the boys. At the start of the advert including the Establishing Shot, the close up's of both boys' shows that they are not sure about each, but they end up becoming friends. It shows the audience that the boys do not care if they are from different traditions but they are still friends and this is how the audience is meant to feel as well. This shows effectiveness as it helps to get the message across and also it will make the probably make the audience want to make a phone call. The director uses many camera techniques in "Wanna be like you". ...read more.


The chewing gums represents the bond as it is sticky and shows that the two boys from different traditions are closely related. In the end of "Wanna be like you" there is a contrast between the words of the music and the scene. When the son is buried the lyrics say "gonna have a good time then". This shows no sympathy probably due to the actions that the father and the son were involved in. Both advert use different styles to get their message across. The message of "Wanna be like you" is "gonna have a good time then". It means that if you want to have a good time then you should refrain from the activities from the advert. In "New Boys" the massage is "respecting another tradition doesn't mean losing your own". Both adverts have different styles of getting their message across to persuade people to phone the RUC. Both adverts were successful in the short term as they both achieved a significant number of phone calls. But their aim was to stop the violence, which had been carrying on for centuries in Ulster, and this wasn't achieved. This is because violence and fighting still taking place during the present time. So during the long term the adverts were not successful. By Uwaish Patel 11WA ...read more.

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