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Suzuki Ignis And Listerine

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Essay I have been given two adverts which are published 50 years apart, and are completely different from each other. They are the Listerine antiseptic mouthwash, produced in 1953 (World War 1 had ended and many men went to fight, so not many were in Britain,) and the Suzuki Ignis, a modern day advert produced in 2003. These two advertisements will be analysed thoroughly, taking note of the use of slogan, the target audience, colours and pictures, also commenting on the presentation and the effects that are the result of this. Also I will state the resemblances and differences between the adverts, and identifying the strategies and knowledge of the target audience used by the advertisers. Next is to assess if the adverts were successfully marketed. Psychology plays an important facet in the advertising market, so following this I shall evaluate how the psychology helps sell each product and attract the target audiences attention and interests. Finally, the last step is to think of what the marketing strategies that are used to sell the products effectively, and look at the views of woman which had changed over a 50year period. To sum it all up, I will be looking at the way the woman was view as housewives in the 1953 and a transition working professional by 2003, the era in which the Suzuki ignis was produced. ...read more.


This slogan makes woman feel that with the egnis car they will have confidence in driving and also in modern society. At the bottom in small letters it explains having a wide boot space, which is handy for woman with family, and that the car has an immobiliser to keep the car safe and having further useful utilities this car has. But on the far most bottom corner it is written the model shown (GL) is �7,995 and only the other model (GA not shown) is �6,995, this is called hidden information in the fine print. These two adverts both use women to sell their products, and make woman feel vulnerable by playing with their fears, For example in the Listerine advert it implies this message:- If you don't buy it you will 'lose him in a minute,' And at that time woman couldn't afford to lose their man to another woman (because of war). And in the Suzuki advert it implies this message:- Women can only feel confident until they are driving in a Suzuki ignis car. Differences are the Listerine advert is a black and white illustration (portrait) as it would be too expensive to produce due to the war, the rationing of supplies, stocks raising its prices higher, and the Suzuki advert is in colour and is real graphics (landscape) ...read more.


This technique is so effective that's the reason all advertisement will use it. The psychology in the Listerine advert is to manipulate their feelings of fear to lose their lover and turn it into desperation to find a solution, for this instance the Listerine antiseptic is a sure way to solve bad breath in the eyes of housewives. The Suzuki advert uses the technique transference, this help target audience to imagine they are the blurred women and owning the car. Also the slogan, 'Confidence ignis' or 'confidence is all about how you carry yourself,' creates the impression that once you own a Suzuki Ignis you will gain confidence and the car is to be proud of driving in the society. Women in the 1950's were all reliant on men to survive; they were looked down upon and didn't /couldn't work or earn their own money because the community was very sexist back in 1958. All women were housewives and weren't shown as an equal towards men, the men were superior and the women thought as being the weaker of the human race. Nowadays women are given equal rights as men have and the community aren't that sexist. They can live independently, no need for men to support them; also they are now working professionals with equal payment and treatment. ...read more.

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