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T V News is becoming more tabloid in its presentation. With the new 'news at Ten' slot changing to 11pm, Television news is turning into a tabloid in its act of style.

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Media Studies Coursework 2000 word essay Contents * Introduction * T V News and tabloids * Alternative T V News channels * Scheduling * Conclusion T V News is becoming more tabloid in its presentation. With the new 'news at Ten' slot changing to 11pm, Television news is turning into a tabloid in its act of style. Conservative and Labour are two style groups which determine the way in which TV News' is attractive to us, the viewers. Conservative is opposed to change and Labour work to create an image that is seen to us in the modern world. BBC1 remains conservative while ITN and channel four are changing from conservative to labour. The new channel five news slots are labour as their style is informal; they give us the image of a person dressed in a rabbit's suit to entertain viewers alongside the presenter. This is seen as acceptable and amusing to viewers which is why the rabbit was created. Extracts taken from the book by Ellis Cashmore, '...and there was television', from the section distraction + distortion + deception = reality explains how attraction was created after Television news realised it's potential because of the number of viewers watching because of the coverage of war. 'Television news up 'till the 1960s had been seen as a necessary evil: costly to produce, especially at local level where audience size was limited, unattractive to advertisers, it was produced principally to satisfy legal requirements for public service and informational broadcasting. ...read more.


The idea of Newsround was to produce short news programme aimed at children, therefore the presenters and producers have to understand the need of the viewers. On many occasions some short stories are read out by children, of which are in the 'press pack' club, a club for children, who can regularly enter competitions to win their say in a story. Formal T V News programmes does not deal with this. You only see adults speaking to adults. This is a question of ideology. The idea was and is that adults who watch the news would want to see adults presenting and producing the news and not children. However when concerning Newsround, it is not presented by children because it would not work in that way, which is why some children have a chance to interview and ask some questions along the way of the stories, this is the idea of the producer. T V News is the only reliable source of all political debates in the widest sense when the press becomes biased towards entertainment, scandal, lotteries and sport stories. It is seen as the REAL WORLD. Examples of these are what we know of the Far East, Africa, South America, Ireland and what is likely to be determined by T V News, thought TV presenters can be biased by cutting out word's and cutting our of important sections in speeches. 'In a recent ITV viewer survey, Sky News gained 'considerable praise; from viewers, both for its 'less establishment view of the news' and because its format made programming 'up-to-date' and 'happening now'. ...read more.


* Stories which have good pictures (Visual Imperatives) Meejah study guide to TV News, 1997. The Independent Television Commission (ITC) is the body, which control what goes out on all independent television in this country. 'One of it's strict rules is 'Due impartiality', this means that any controversial issue being presented should not be biased, but represent both sided of any argument and that 'opinion should be clearly distinguished from fact.' "In dealing with major matters of controversy, (programme makers) must ensure that justice is done to a full range of significant views and perspectives during the period in which the controversy is active." "Whenever a reconstruction is used in a documentary, current affairs or news programme it should be labelled so that the viewer is not misled." "Impartiality applies equally to the editing of interviews as to their conduct. Editing to shorten recorded interviews must not distort or misrepresent the known views of the interviewee." When someone refuses to take part in an interview, the rules are still clear, "Reference to the absence of such a spokesman should be made in as detached and factual a manner as possible." T V News makers are expected to be neutral in their reporting of events. They are not supposed to take sides or show any bias against one individual group. While they can claim not to have any bias views, they may be built into any programme or news item. T V News is becoming more tabloid in it's presenting. With the original ITN News at ten bulletin being changed to eleven O'clock to meet demands of more viewers, and change of style, T V News is becoming more competitive in it's market for more viewers. ...read more.

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