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Tabloid Newspapers.

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Tabloid Newspapers. One of the men who has a large input into the Tabloid industry is Rupert Murdoch. He proprietor of "The Sun". This newspaper was established in 1912 as the Daily Herald but in 1964 the paper changed its name to the now know "Sun". Not only does he own the biggest newspaper in the UK but he also owns one of the competitors and that is "The News of the World". The biggest media group is Rupert Murdock's News Corporation Ltd. since he bought into the British press in 1969. ...read more.


After the election in 1994, Murdoch was reported saying he could see his newspapers supporting Prime Minister Tony Blair. His papers have been known for attacking the trades unions, demanding more restrictions on their ability to function freely. It has been said that he has encouraged republicanism through his newspapers, such as, The Sun by the constant exposure of the royal family to ridicule. He transformed the traditional method of delivering newspapers by rail, through the introduction of a road-based direct distribution system, called TNT. The traditional system mean't deliveries had gone to the wholesalers who passed them on to retail shops, but with the new system, many small wholesale distributors were forced out of business and hundreds of jobs were lost. ...read more.


He already owned publishing and printing companies and now took control of the Daily Mirror and the Sunday mairror, amongst others. The MGN was the only mass circulation newspaper group that consistently wanted to supported the Labour Party. The Mirror was losing readers to The Sun, but Robert was still heralded as the saviour of the Mirror, he set about promoting his own image and beliefs through the newspaper. He was in a scandle for raiding the staff pension fund, however before it came public knowledge he died in a mysterious boating acciedent at sea. From being the saviour of MGN, Robert Maxwell is nowk regarded as an evil genius and one of the most scandelous figures in newspaper history. ...read more.

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