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Techniques used in Coca-Cola and Guiness adverts

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Media Essay In this essay I am going to be looking at two adverts firstly I will look at the Guinness advert then I will be looking at the Coca-Cola advert then comparing the two. Throughout my essay I will be expressing my opinion on the techniques used in both of the adverts. The Guinness advert was number one in the top hundred adverts programme. Its main target audience is a more mature male. In the advert there is a male who is the main part, usually in adverts they get a young attractive male to play the main part but in this case it is accessible to the target audience because he is just a regular man, you can tell this by the first part of the advert where there is a close up of him showing the age lines on his face. This is reflecting that Guinness is a more traditional drink and the use of a regular man shows it is different from normal drinks. ...read more.


It is a mature voice and is also powerful and masculine, this will attract the target audience because if they hear a mature voice they will think that the drink is a mature man's drink. At the end it is total silence, the pint of beer appears on the screen with writing around it telling the viewer what the product is called but there isn't a person telling you what it is or there isn't any music, it just ends in total silence. I think this is very well done because if there were a person talking at the end it would ruin the finale because the music is quite loud and tense but then it all of a sudden goes to silence finalising the advert. The whole advert is in black and white, which reflects the colour of the drink because the Guinness is black and the head is white. I think this is very effective because the advert wouldn't have the same meaning if it were in colour. ...read more.


On the back of the lorry at the end of the advert there is Father Christmas with a bottle of coca-cola in his hand, if the children watching this advert see Father Christmas with a Bottle of coca-cola they will also want one. The village is like a Hollywood village with the artificial white snow and all the bright lights. The colour in the advert is very bright and festive and also there is always the coca-cola colour red on the screen at all times. The music in the advert is very festive and very merry. There is a jingle in the music that sounds like sleighs, the lorries could be the sleighs that you can hear. These two adverts don't really have a lot of points that are the same but there is one particular point that stands out. Both of the adverts are colour coded to the colour of the drink or the colour of the packaging. I think this is a very clever thing to do, as it is concentrates the mind on the product. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sarah Laming 11F/Ke ...read more.

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