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Teenage magazien front cover analysis

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Teenage magazines front cover analysis For this piece of Coursework about teenage magazines, I will be analysing the front cover of an established teenage magazine front cover. The teenage magazine that I have chosen to analyse is called 'Mizz' issue 557. The date of the issue is September 21st till October the 4th 2006, it is published by 'panini UK Ltd'. 'Mizz' is a popular younger teenage girl magazine, The target audience of the magazine is teenage gir There is a masthead to the top left hand corner of the front cover, the main image is Charlotte Church, it is placed to the centre a little to the right. There is a main cover line at the bottom centre, the cover lines down the sides. It has bright colours, using connotation it has girly colours. ...read more.


There are also two more images at the bottom, of two more celebrities, these images are much smaller than the dominate image. Charlotte Church is very feminine and girlie, her hair is also curly. This is to make her look younger than she actually is, so the target audience will relate to her. The make- up used is very natural, this makes her look younger, so the target audience will relate to her. The dominant image is a medium close up. The image has also been cropped, as you can only see her head and shoulders. The lower frame passes through the chest of the model. The model has been digitally manipulated as her skin is perfect and has no blemishes. The background is a turquoise colour. When you first look at the front cover you first of all notice the dominate image, then you notice the main coverline, then your eyes move round the front cover clockwise to see the other cover lines. ...read more.


One of the coverlines is "Could you be a star?" this is a rhetorical question, it has also used the word "you" this makes the reader feel involved. Alliteration is also used "bead bracelet". Repetition is also used "Drama-Rama" this makes it sound catches. Slang is used through out the coverlines, this is so the reader can relate to it. Overall, I think the front cover is very effective as it uses bright, bold colours, capital letters, reflects the target-audience and is eye-catching. Nearly everything on the front cover appeals to the target audience, however I think there could be more coverlines that persuades the reader to buy the magazine. Teenage boys have not been addressed, this is because it is a girls magazine therefore boys would not enjoy the magazine. Overall as a member of the magazines target audience, this magazine dose appeal to me there fore it is successful in appealing to the target audience. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sasha Halewood-Dodd 10th Of January ...read more.

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