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Television News

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Media Studies Coursework Assignment Television News 1) In the main national news it starts off with the intro with sound and pictures but in the local news they start it off sitting behind the desk introducing the show. The national news's stories are all big and serious all the way through but the local news starts off with maybe a couple of serious items and then moves on to more of success stories within the region. To a lot of people the local news is just as, or more important to them as the national news. This is because people like to know about where they live and what is happening in there area. In the local news they use more interviews with people at the scene, but in the national news they tend to use reporters saying about the story using phrases like 'One man at the scene said'. Both the national and the local news use key elements in their shows, both of the news programs use one of the most important elements live coverage from the scene. ...read more.


2) Half Of A Half Hour Local News Program 1. Salmonella outbreak linked to local poultry farm (3.10 mins) * General talking about story (2 mins) * Battery hens from archive footage (30 secs) * Footage of health authority representatives attending meeting (20 secs) * Achieve footage of eggs on supermarket shelves (20 secs) 2. Local factory closes (1.55 mins) * General talking about story (1.05 mins) * Workers leaving the factory (20 secs) * Footage of factory with pollution from chimneys (30 secs) 3.Mystery blaze at local hotel (1.30 mins) * General talking about story (1 min) * Footage of firefighters at the blaze (30 secs) * Still image of hotel owner at a local business lunch 4.New superstore to be built on Greenfield site (3.05 mins) * General talking about story (1 min) * Protestors outside county hall (30 secs) * Interview with one of the protestors (20 secs) * Interview with spokesperson for superstore (30 secs) ...read more.


It will interest teenagers, 20 - 30 year olds and there are stories that will interest an older audience aswell. The program is easy to watch and it is not to complicated to watch and listen to, it is not hard news that will affect everyone in a big way but it is news that is nice to know. 3) I have given the opening of the show 1 minute because I think this is an appropriate amount of time to be able to introduce the show and say what is coming up on the show. In between each item there is a 2 second link to link the stories together I think you need the link so that the stories flow and the music in the link will be relevant to the next news story which will be shown. When the stories are being covered from in the studio the presenters will be sat behind a desk, which will have a screen behind it so still photos can be displayed on it, the screen will also be used to show the pre-recorded interviews and the archive footage. 4) ...read more.

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