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The advert is advertising 'AnaisAnais' perfume by Cacharel, Paris. It isprinted on a double/A3 page

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Analysing an Advert Every advert is targeted at a certain audience. It is designed to persuade a certain person of a specific age, sex and class to purchase the product in focus. In an advert, the product being advertised is portrayed to its target audience looking its best and up most. The advert is advertising 'AnaisAnais' perfume by Cacharel, Paris. It is printed on a double/A3 page. On the left is a large, close-up photograph of a woman, whose hair is being blown from one side. Her make-up appears to be quite natural. She appears to look quite innocent and carefree. You could also say that she is fairly pretty. ...read more.


With the advert you are given a bracelet 'tenderly fragranced' made from white ribbon which once again indicates pureness and tenderness. I feel that this is the thing in the advert, which is in main focus to the consumer. This is so that people can smell the product being advertised and although the advertisement as a whole gives a good enough image of the perfume, if they like it they go out and buy it. From the impression this advert gives me, I feel that when I look at the name of the product, 'AnaisAnais' it makes me think, 'Again Again'. I know this is a French fragrance - Cacharel, Paris, but I don't know that 'AnaisAnais' has any meaning in the language. ...read more.


If you then lift up the package with the free bracelet in it reads, 'REDISCOVER ANAISANAIS AND ITS TENDER HARMONY OF LILY, HYACINTH, SANDALWOOD AND ROSE.' The fact it says, ' tender harmony' indicates that the fragrance is soft and gentle. The copy underneath this is a bit bigger and it reads, 'ANAISANAIS OFFERS YOU THIS BRACELET TENDERLY FRAGRANCED, WEAR IT AROUND YOUR WRIST.' 'Tenderly' implies gentle. The text under/next down is again a bit bigger than before. It says, 'ONE DAY TENDERNESS WILL MOVE THE WORLD. ' I think that means and is trying to say that AnaisAnais will one day move the world, and that if you like the smell, then when you wear the free fragranced bracelet, you will move the world - suggesting that you will move the opposite sex (men - the fragrance is for women). ?? ?? ?? ?? Priya A ...read more.

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