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The aim of this project was to create a two-minute visual storyboard advert on Doctor Marten's Jeans for a mixed gender.

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Advertising unit essay Introduction The aim of this project was to create a two-minute visual storyboard advert on Doctor Marten's Jeans for a mixed gender. My colleagues were Chris Foley, Dominic Lintner and Stuart Rippington. Before the production, we researched into existing television adverts, the brand and the product of Doctor Marten and did an audience research into the already established name of DM and modernised it to the 21st century styles of clothing. We had many varied initial ideas; each good point was taken and formed the final idea. The final idea was teenagers wearing DM jeans doing crazy things bending the rules. This related to the brief as it shows the youth of today and their lifestyles. Process Before the production, we used planners, production logs, researched into locations, made storyboards, shooting schedule and script, exchanged phone numbers and made an edit schedule to plan for the production. During production we went into town and did some photography using our camera skills, we used many techniques such as framing, composition, different distances, multiple angles and perspectives and different shot styles as it makes an advert more lively- the main point of our advert. ...read more.


them walking into a lift and lying on the floor the next, then there are some more long shots of them in shops mucking around wearing tutus. After they go onto the road, there is a medium close-up shot of them climbing fences to dangerous areas and medium shots of them pushing each other around in a trolley in a car park, medium shots of them going into the wrong toilet. Finally there are establishing shots of the bus stop and several very long and long shots of buses and them jokingly trying to stop buses and getting run over and they get arrested- close up shots of them next to a police car. They are bending the rules. The desired feel we were hoping for was liveliness, outrageous and cheekiness; the craziness is representing a celebration of misbehaviour. The models represent the youth of real life and their everyday things; they are bending the rules having a party. Their dress codes represent the trends of the youth today (popular culture) ...read more.


After looking at the audience questionnaires I found a trend in responses, most of our audience said that the play on words at the end should be jeans not 'genes' but we realised if it was jeans then our audience won't get the word play. But most of the audience questionnaires we gathered were positive and they were able to identify the product, what type of media it was and they would remember it as it was well anchored. Comparing the advert to real television adverts, we found it was quite positive. The pace, rhythm and interest matched quite well or was similar to ones on T.V. I think that our advert will work and be accepted by DMJ and should be broadcasted on popular youth channels such as MTV, Q, E4 and channel 4. I achieved what aimed for and we worked well together. The SFX, transitions, filters, images and sound fitted well together meeting the brief. But I can see that the advert is targeted more towards males, as the advert contains no females and this should be changed. ...read more.

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