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The articles present very different views of this case. In the 'News of the World' article, the writer focuses a lot on the mother of James Bulger. There is an example of this in the title of the article.

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Comparing Articles The articles present very different views of this case. In the 'News of the World' article, the writer focuses a lot on the mother of James Bulger. There is an example of this in the title of the article. It is a Quote from Denise Bulger saying, " It's 10 years since James was murdered and the pain jus doesn't go away. His two killers have new identities, new lives. But I know where they are..." This shows that 'The News of the World' are of the opinion that the two young boys shouldn't have been so easily forgiven. 'The Guardian' focuses alot on the two boys responsible for the horrific murder. Both articles use presentational features to help promote their opinions, for example 'The Guardian' uses a large picture to capture the readers attention. ...read more.


It tells the whole tragic story of James death and in total the article is four pages long. This is in contrast with 'The News of the World' as this article is shorter and perhaps easier to read. Both articles are very generous with their use of emotive language, although both for very different reasons. The emotive language in 'The News of the World' is used to make you feel sorry for the boy who was murdered and his family. Also to feel a bit sorry for the two boys, that were still only children after all. Also it makes u feel pity for the boys that their lives were allowed to get so out of hand at such a young age. At the end of the first page in this article there is an element of regret in the people who found the two boys ...read more.


They have had a great time. It is sick. I don't hate those two...I utterly despise them." 'The News of the World' reaches out more to all the parents out there that have children much like James. It touches people on a very personal level because it has a mother's point of view. For example, " I don't want another child to die" The emotive language is fear here, she does worries that even though the boys were freed they might re-offend again. I think that 'The News of the World' article is more affective. It relates to people on a very real level, as so many families have children and can only imagine what it would be like to loose a child, especially to another child! It makes you think what it would be like in the shoes of the Bulger family. The emotive language makes you feel so many things, anger, sadness, and pity. It has you captured even after the first line. ...read more.

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