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The Big Bang Theory

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The big bang theory is a situation comedy. The show conforms to the codes and conventions of situation comedy as its: set in a place where the characters all meet up to be together for example in this show it is set in the apartment of the main characters, it has a set of characters that are stuck together in a situation from where they cannot escape in this case its the apartment, There is normally a resolution by the end of the show and Events happen during an episode to disrupt the status quo. The show runs in a linear format as everything happens in order. The show is also multi-strand as it often has one main story with another storyline. The narrative of the show is closed and restricted as we find out things along with the character and the show ends with a resolution. What makes this show different to other sitcoms is that although it has new story lines it still contains traits from the previous stories this is because they want old audiences to feel comfortable with the show ...read more.


Prison break conforms to all of these for instance whenever something is about to happen they play a short piece of music with no words and it's always the same in each episode. Each episode is open ended so it leaves the audience wanting more other familiarities which the show contains on the drama side of things are: each week the show allows you learn more about each character, it follows the three act structure and it is story driven. Prison break is linear and multi-strand along with being fictional due to intensity of the story line it does not allow new audience to watch the show as they would not understand what's going on within the show. The audience targeted for prison break is late teens onward this is also confirmed by the fact it is shown after the watershed. I think that the show doesn't really target any specific sector within the socio-economic status as the show can be enjoyed by all classes. ...read more.


The show is fictional and it shows within the story lines because most of them are farfetched and wouldn't happen in real life but that is done because it adds to the comedic side to it and viewers understand this as the show is a cartoon as opposed to a show being filmed. The audience for the show would be classed as urban due to the nature of the program and the language used I think that due to the language within the show it would not appeal to people within the C1 and C2 category I also think that the show would mainly appeal to the male audience rather then the female audience. Due to the nature of the show I would think the writers want to ridicule racial stereotypes and do so by taking stereotypes and making them as over the top as possible. This is also the way the program targets the audience another way the program targets them is by the language which Is used within the show such as slang words opposed to something like Prison Break which uses the right grammar. ...read more.

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