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The depiction of blondes in two Hollywood movies.

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´╗┐Blondes Outlooks on blondes had changed over time. Blondes were commonly perceived as dumb yet beautiful and alluring. There were different representations of blondes in different time periods. In the movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes starred by Marilyn Monroe, Lorelie Lee is an excellent representation of a femme fatale?beautiful, unintelligent and erotic blonde. She feigned a dumb personality to obtain what she desires. In the illustration of the Astrological sign, Virgo, the blonde was depicted as young, innocent and pure. It was produced in middle ages. However, in the movie poster of The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend, the blonde is illustrated as erotic, carefree, charming and desirable. ...read more.


She was also superficial and after for money and not love. This was shown when she stated, ?Diamonds are a girl?s best friend? and ?I prefer a man who lives and gives expensive jewels!?. She plays dumb for her advantage and because men expect her to act that way. She can be smart when it?s needed. This was shown when she put sleeping pills in Mr Malone?s drink and heated up the room so that he can take his jacket off and take the film of the photo with her and Lord Beekman. Furthermore, at the end of the movie, she stated that, ?I can be smart when it?s important but most men don?t like it.? The Astrological sign, Virgo was an illustration of sun blonde- mature summer wheat blonde. ...read more.


The poster exhibits a blonde wearing a long red dress with a high slit and holding a gun. The high skirt slit and shown leg can be seen as symbolising being seductive. From the background, men are staring at the blonde are clearly mesmerized by her charm. Her body language symbolises being carefree and cheerful. The use of colour red on her dress symbolise love, passion, courage and desire. The poster used the adjective ?beautiful blonde? which symbolises that the blonde is seen as beautiful. Also, the gun she is holding symbolise power or rebellion. To sum up, through the texts, it was shown that the perceptions on blondes had indeed changed overtime; started from being seen as innocent and intelligent to seductive and dumb. Yet, the connotation of blondes as beautiful had still been around. ...read more.

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