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The devices and techniques used by the media in order to get the point across to the public.

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The devices and techniques used by the media in order to get the point across to the public. The media use an array of devices and techniques to portray their opinions or facts depending on the form of media the devices and techniques differ slightly. To demonstrate my point I will be analysing a piece of media which reports on the September 11th terrorist attacks on the world trade centre. The article was featured in the broadsheet newspaper the "northern Echo", the imagery of the article is of a police officer kneeling down at the site of ground zero in remembrance of all those lives lost. The use of strong imagery is common in newspaper articles which highlight the most important aspects of the article in a brief summary. ...read more.


This is particularly effective when used in a written channel of media such as magazine or newspaper to the connection of emotion between people, and even though the object is not a person it has the emotive characteristics of a person which causes a connection between the reader and what is being reported on. A further example of a device used by the media is alliteration "shade, shape and size" and "scream of sirens". Alliteration is commonly used an all forms of media to increase the fluency of the article. One of the most important aspects of a newspaper report is the use of emotive language which makes a piece of writing meaningful and interesting content such a technique is used a great deal in written forms of media. ...read more.


The device described above is not commonly used in media unless to report on such a serious matter as September 11th. This shows a great deal of importance is placed upon the portrayal of patriotism in its purest form. A form reserved for the pieces of media designed to bring nations together in opposition to an evil rebel force. In the case of September the 11th the article was designed to bring the English speaking world together in the fight against terrorism. Although the channels of media differ in their application of such devices and techniques all share the same aim to get their point across the most effective way possible. Adam Knaggs 10 Blue One Newspaper article ...read more.

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