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The director James Cameron represents the conventions of the fantasy genre exceptionally well in the film which was released in 2009, Avatar.

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How effectively has the director represented the conventions of the genre you have studied? The director James Cameron represents the conventions of the fantasy genre exceptionally well in the film which was released in 2009, Avatar. James uses a whole lot of different methods including special effects and film techniques to let the viewers really fall into this feeling of being in a surreal world that of which fantasy usually portrays. These techniques combined with camera movement and shots effectively capture the unrealistic nature of the setting - a critical element of the fantasy genre. James Cameron uses quite a lot of digital animation/alterations and special effects throughout the film, especially when it comes to the creation of the avatars and the flora and fauna in the world of Pandora. ...read more.


In certain scenes of the movie some of the film techniques that have been used to help represent the conventions of fantasy are more obvious then others but either way the representation has been done well. For example in the opening scene James Cameron uses the technique of non-diegetic sound which is in the form of a voice over in Jake's dream whilst an overhead crane shot is used sweeping over the trees and floating mountains of Pandora which increase the feeling that the film is of a fantasy genre, especially when it focuses on the floating mountains as obviously they are out of this world. ...read more.


In the sequence where Jake is face to face with one of the violent beasts of Pandora James Cameron uses exaggerated diegetic sound combined with dramatic non-diegetic music to enhance the drama and action along with a low angled shot when looking at the beast, this type of camera angle is used to exaggerate the size of the creature making it look more intimidating and out of this world because of the extreme size that is shown when shot at this angle. Overall, James Cameron has done an amazing job at targeting the ultimate feel of the fantasy genre and representing the conventions of this which is demonstrated throughout the whole film. ...read more.

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