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The History of the Newspaper

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The History of the Newspaper There have been newspapers around since the 19th century. Around that time all the papers were aimed at high class people because they were the only people who could afford an education. They only consisted of Standard English without any slang which is quite surprising. These papers were huge one portrait side of a paper was A3 and when the two pages were together then you can imagine a massive paper they were called 'Broadsheet'. In the 20th century more people began to read due to free education so newspapers became more compulsory and had to change to suit everybody's needs. This soon changed and turned into a fight for the readers. Something even more frustrating for newspaper publishers was the release of the television place around the beginning of the 20th century but never really took off until around the middle. This made an even bigger fight for the readers the things that changed were really big, the whole layout, style and context of the papers were changed which gave birth to the tabloid paper. ...read more.


Cartoons are here to attract some children and young people. Page 3 girls are here to attract mainly male readers not like they would be doing much reading though. Sport is used to attract all sorts of people men or women who want to check where the team they support is on the league table or to check on other types of sports like boxing. TV guide used by people who want to see what is on television they are also using the television because they make you buy a newspaper to see what's on the television. Crossword is used as a competition for the reader to get something for free when really the reader has to pay for the phone call which is about 60p a minute. Problem pages are used as a way of helping the readers also that other people can relate to their problems or just to be nosey. Free Magazine is used as another way that the paper uses to get people to buy a paper for the free magazine. ...read more.


Most of the biased is in adverts because they tell you that it is the best product because they are getting paid for having that advert in their paper. Other times the paper could be biased say the football for example say there was a match against Germany and England because that the paper is an English firm, they know what the reader wants to hear they would say it was a one sided match to England if it was an equal match. Exaggeration The other types of thing that papers use is exaggeration sometimes the paper would say 'the keeper saved the shot from the line with extraordinary speed' when really the goal keeper just scraped the shot of the line. Puns They also use some type of play on words in they're headings like when Frankie Dettorie went to the beach while abroad and went swimming in the sea the used 'Frankie Wettorie' as a pun. The main reasons for the papers getting most of the readers attention is by using short catchy or dramatic headings sometimes they even use funny headlines because more people would want to read something that is quite catchy. ...read more.

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