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The importance of media nowadays is deeply impressed and has an enormous influence on every single one of us who are living on this planet.

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As time goes by, we recognize that the world is changing rapidly in any second. Tools are being used without losing the message being spread across the world. This various messages are being widened through the air mostly via different kind of media-related resources, for example, newspaper, television, radio, magazines, etc. The importance of media nowadays is deeply impressed and has an enormous influence on every single one of us who are living on this planet. A remarkable sentence by D. Croteau & W. Hoynes has pointed out a universal truth about media. "... Our intimate familiarity with the media often allows us to take them for granted. ...read more.


For instance, technology is growing amazingly fast these days. People may only consider studying aspects related to technology. However, as suggested, "the Internet has gone commercial too ... More Websites, more channels, more choices, more media" (D. Croteau & W Hoynes, 2002). And hence, media is as well worth-studying for us. Media has the purpose of getting people more up-to-date. Not only does it have the above academic functions, but also its main role is to entertain people on earth. Without it, this world would be back to the uncivilized stage. Communication and media studies get us to understand more about the all-rounded life of human. ...read more.


In additions, it provides knowledge and information about events and condition in society and the world. Through it, same value and details are being taken, obtained and produced, which it creates different cultures among each particular group. Media can be such a wide-raged subject as proposed above. It is difficult to estimate the importance of media in today's society. "From the privacy of our living rooms to the public forums of presidential debates, the media serve as the informational network connecting the many elements of our society" (http://www.apsanet.org/~polcomm/newsletter/newsletter_summer1998.htm). There is no doubt that the communication and media studies are significant and worth studying for nowadays' society. Consequently, it is essential for us to understand how each and every pieces of it works. As the above motives advised, it attracts most of us in taking this module. ...read more.

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