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The intention of doing this treatise is to deconstruct and scrutinize a cake advert called 'Death by chocolate'.

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Media in English- Death by chocolate The intention of doing this treatise is to deconstruct and scrutinize a cake advert called 'Death by chocolate'. In this treatise I will try to explain the importance and intent behind the different techniques used to sway the reader to buy the product. Finally I will give my own elucidation of the advertisement and if I believe it is effective and successful in making the product appealing to the reader. The advert was found in the Marks and Spencer's Christmas catalogue guide. There are two main types of advertisement in paper and magazine (in this case a catalogue); display and classified. Displays are there to catch your attention and persuade you to buy. Classified are informative. This advert is a display advert. The reason being is because, in a classified advert it would have basic things like telephone number, price and etc. Another reason why this a display avert is because a classified advert doesn't have to be eye-catching but in this case the 'Death by Chocolate' is very eye-catching. As you flip through the catalogue the advert will divert your attention to this very pleasant advert. The advert is placed on A3 piece of paper, making it very hard to miss as the reader flips through the catalogue and is divided into three sections the first being the slogan of the merchandise; It's no angel cake'. ...read more.


Moving on, the word 'Chocolate' is splattered beneath it. The 'C' of chocolate has a devilish look because of the long pointy arrow it ends with is similar to the devils trident which could possibly mean the person who have ate the cake are sinful. The text begins by addressing to the reader, 'You won't see Death By Chocolate in a vicarage party' - 'not unless the vicar is the kind you get in the News Of World.' A vicarage party is usually genteel and prim and proper; well mannered people having fairy cakes provided however not Death By Chocolate...unless the vicar is the type you get from the News Of The World. The News Of The World is a scandal paper, the point is Death by Chocolate is sinful and indulgent, this perhaps why the vicars mentioned. Repetition is used in the advert so we can not the idea of chocolate out of our minds; the advert describes the cake having 'dark bitter-sweet chocolate, light chocolate mousse, moist chocolate sponge, fresh chocolate cream.' All this adds a beat in our heads. The advertisement also confronts the reader by baby talk, 'fluffy wuffy lickle cakey wakey.' This is sarcastically asking the reader if the gave the courage to indulge them eating the cake. ...read more.


I had never realised how much money and proficiency went into advertisements. I had just taken them for granted until now. I have learned a great deal from advertising this advert. I have discovered that charity is the hardest advertising as you do not get a product for your money. For example the people who gave money for the tsunami appeal didn't get anything for their money but people who gave money felt good and didn't feel any guilt. Some people will think that advertising is bad. This is because it puts up prices because it has to be paid for. It makes you buy things you do not need. It makes you feel poor if you cannot afford luxury items and finally it spoils the environment and waste papers. But on the other hand, some people think it is good. This is because it is creative and provides jobs for creative people and models. It bright and attractive. It gives you ideas and it informs you about new fashions and inventions like computer consoles. Overall I think that it is good. I have enjoyed doing this essay and this advert has become one of my favourite. ?? ?? ?? ?? Md. Dalim Chowdhury 11Q 5307 1 ...read more.

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