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The Keepers of the House - Shirley Ann Grau In The Keepers of the House, Shirley Ann Grau has written this text through Abigail's point of view, in first person narrative.

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Commentary The Keepers of the House - Shirley Ann Grau In The Keepers of the House, Shirley Ann Grau has written this text through Abigail's point of view, in first person narrative. This makes readers wonder whether the text is biased or not, and also how reliable is the narration throughout the text. Many themes are explored in this text, including power and status, wealth, social graces and conventions and also a few minor details of discrimination. Throughout this text, Abigail changes, which makes readers think that this section of text was taken where there is an actual turning point in the book itself, as she metamorphosizes from being calm and conforming to coming out with threats to show her confidence and her ability to command which leads to readers finding out how she is feared as she intends to shut down the town's economy and take back what once belonged to her ancestors, as they were considered as fearful people. ...read more.


When talking about her ex-husband, Abigail's voice is opposite to the ambiance of the party, as her voice 'was harsh in the tinkle of laughter and voices'. Grau repeats 'for a while' twice in one paragraph to emphasise the foreshadowing going on, as 'it was just like another tea' for Abigail, to show that it's not anything new for her. The repetition of 'I' straight after the repeated 'for a while' shows that she wants to be approached. Mrs. Holloway is considered as a weak character, and this is shown to readers when she takes 'a quick breathing silence'. Turning 'back to her silver coffeepot' makes it seem like nothing has happened, but there is a dramatic change, from 'I' to 'you', which shows metamorphosis on the imperative 'you listen'. The repetition of 'you' makes Abigail's point harsh and unpredictable, like any other gathering. Readers find out that Abigail is actually a part of the Howlands, who were feared by the North American Indians. ...read more.


Abigail 'just closed the hotel' which isn't even hers to show that she does the power, and that she will use that power of hers. Abigail is an observant person, and this is shown on line forty nine when she sees Jean Bannister's face as 'frozen and stiff' and also on line fifty nine where she sees Louise Allen chewing her 'finger nervously'. In the penultimate paragraph, it is revealed that the whole community depends on Abigail, and what she is telling the ladies is that their husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers are all going to become unemployed as she is in the process of putting everyone out of business. To conclude, Grau uses many literary devices to show the changes going on in Abigail's life in a short time span, as we see her personality completely change from being a lady conforming to the social graces and then turning straight opposite all that, like total opposites going from white and pure to black and evil. ?? ?? ?? ?? Macha Cauchois ...read more.

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