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The lynx fur campaign.

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Adverts are based on facts it is designed to persuade audiences to use a product that is either good or bad. The lynx fur campaign is trying to get people not to buy fur so it is campaign information. It is a way of getting people to raise awareness and to give money or to have an opinion about it. The advert exploits the public's disgust at the thought of killing animals for fur. Advertising mostly goes over top this is called over exaggeration if you see a good advert, you want to no more so the more you see it the better opinion you get of the product. The aim of advertising is to put a point across about something whether it is a Childs toy to a serious campaign such as the Lynx Fur Campaign. If you do not know about the Lynx Fur campaign here is a bit about it: It was set up in the 1980s as a campaign to stop animals being killed for their fur. In this moment of time, it was all about glamour and power dressing which in the 80s was very popular. ...read more.


The advert is trying to tell us that the people who were these fur coats are dumb and don't care about the suffering that 40 animals went through for them to look fashionable. The Lynx Fur Campaign is very different from most other advertisements. In most adverts you see people talking so immediately if you like it you listen to the person but in this case there is no talking its just catchy music. In this advert because it is a fashion show most of the people are rich and if I should say snobby. When the girls come out wearing the coats made of fur the people in the audience are very impressed you can see this by the sexual nature of the pouting and licking of the lips. Near the end of the advert when it starts to get a Bit serious the music changes to an intense hunting theme so you hear animals literally screaming for there lives. In the advert the audience are really acting as the animals where as the models are acting like the hunters. ...read more.


They are sort of clown like their eyes are all on the models wherever the models go the eyes follow to show that they are interested. The audience play an important role in this advert because they are like the animals where as the models are the hunters. When they are clapping just as the models come out that is defiantly over exaggerated They clap in a posh type of effeminate way. When the blood starts to pour out from underneath the coats the audience are defiantly shocked. You can tell this by the faces they make sort of like an "oh my god" look. The blood trailing out of the bottom of the coats on the floor is like a red carpet of death. There is a few things that I would change like, I would maybe add a bit of talking just to make it a bit more interesting you could of added flash backs of animals being killed when the blood starts poring out. Altogether I reckon that it is quite an effective way to put a point across to the public it is a very serious matter and people should listen. Katie Hetherington 10GF ...read more.

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