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The Marketing Mix

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The Marketing Mix is made up from the four P's: Product- what the customers want to buy. Price- how much I will sell my product for Promotion-this is the advertising for my product. Place- I must be positioned conveniently so it is easier to sell my product. Product My products for HeLp SkAteS will be skateboard decks, clothing, and wheels. I have used Market Research into what my products should be and how I would make and design them so that the consumer will want to buy them. Price The prices that my products are to be sold at should be at a level which the customer will believe to be value for money and not just cheap, as this may sometimes be thought as a reflection of the quality of the product they will receive influencing their final decision on whether or not they will purchase it. ...read more.


Students, OAP's. Competition Pricing- this is where firms charge very similar prices as other firms. Usually this happens where there is very little product differentiation e.g. Petrol. Promotion I will need to advertise for four main reasons: * To make customers aware of new products. * To remind my customers about my existing products. * To persuade customers to switch from buying rival products. * To improve the image of my business. The ultimate aim of these points is to sell more products. The places I will advertise from will depend on three things: * Their target audience. * The size of my market. * The size of my advertising budget. ...read more.


I will need to advertise in place where my target audience is most likely to see the advert, such as in a skateboarding magazine or website Place If I locate in a place that is convenient for the market, more custom will be created because more customers will be buying the product. Also the location should be close to a form of public transport e.g. Bus station, Railway Station. The source of a labour force should also be near by although I will need relatively little labour but I would need to be close to a trade route so I can get my stock quickly and easily to my building and my products away quickly and easily. ...read more.

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