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The Most Beautiful Man in the World-Review. Directed by Alicia Duffy, this amazing piece of short film shows the effects of neglection on a young girl (Lacey), who is played by Holly and Paige Bishop.

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The Most Beautiful Man in the World-Review "A young girl's world filled with boredom and neglect" Directed by Alicia Duffy, this amazing piece of short film shows the effects of neglection on a young girl (Lacey), who is played by Holly and Paige Bishop. The film covers a variety of issues including predatory strangers, neglected children, and shows how fathers sometimes are not included in their children's lives by separation or divorce. The film appeals to mainly parents and adults, and shows how a young girl struggles to fight her daily torture of boredom and neglect. ...read more.


Straight away the opening scene is dark and gloomy inside the house. Extremely close camera shots of the girl's midriff and her short revealing tank top alarm the audience of how much flesh is on show for such a young girl. Short snatches of dialogue and sound can be heard in the background, as the girl is lying on the floor in a lethargic state with her loyal dog by her side. The dog seems to be her only form of company, as there are no other children and her mother seems to be too busy to give any attention to her. ...read more.


As soon as she steps into the field, her world is suddenly bathed in sunshine. She seems no longer to be imprisoned by the dark and gloomy house, and has a taste of freedom. There are more sounds in the background, of birds singing and at one point the sound is recorded as she is playing with a stick underwater. It makes you realise that this is just a young girl in need of love and attention like any other child. Wide angle camera shots of her outside are not as close up and zoomed in, then when she is inside. The camera angles show the scenery more, and she seems to be more open and free outside, in the caring hands of Mother Nature. ...read more.

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