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The Natwest advert.

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The Natwest advert. This advert shows simplicity and the diversities of different life styles with different banks. Kevin is a normal London cabbie and sets off to work everyday like any other person. He enjoys his job and he is satisfied with his income, however he does not get much satisfaction from his bank. He gets sent a lot of jargon, and he can't understand why the bank tries so hard to tell their customers something so simple, without turning it into an "thesis" of some sort. Using a series of puns and+ 4ironic comments, Kevin explains to the viewers that Natwest is a simple bank and it won't let you down. When Kevin was with his old bank he once got put through to an advisor in Bombay. Using a dull, simple London setting, the advert is explained very well and shows the simplicity of the bank. When Kevin was passing different areas in his cab, there were advertisements about Natwest. This is a good technique, as every advertisement board that he passes had the same black background and the same style writing, which therefore attracts the viewers to the adverts and billboards when they are seen, they are shown regularly throughout the advert. ...read more.


It makes the advert more flowing and creative. I chose to do this advert because it's very influential to the viewer and has a good impression on other banks. It knows a way of telling something how simple, intricate or unconcerned they are. The British airways advert. An American man narrates as the advert is played. He talks about planes being cancelled, no staff at night and many other common airport problems. He then at the end of the advert says "and food's also included in the price." He says this because he wants to show that British airways are very trustworthy and he is trying to put that point across to the viewer. So to add a little something extra, he recites that line to make it as if you get more for your money. There is hardly any humour in this advert and therefore it might not be very appealing to some. However for those who have suffered the problems that are mentioned, might be affected by the advert and may consider using British Airways next time they wish to fly out. ...read more.


A lot of editing techniques are used which give the advert more style, and it therefore does not bore the viewer with the same style of switching from scene to scene. This advert though still has a lot of morality and is quite appealing, but I honestly think the Natwest advert really shines in reality, simplicity, irony and most of all style. It isn't boring, it has some account of humour and some puns, such as "If you want my tip...join another bank!" He says this when one his customer's gives him a tip for the ride. As in the BA advert it's slow, and not very enjoyable music is played throughout the advert. However in the Natwest advert, soft Jazzy music is played to show Kevin's genre, who he really is, a bit of a Vinnie Jones, a cockney Londoner, and once again a simple man with a simple life, but a complicated bank life. For any airline company advertisement, I think that the British airways advert will always be on top of the rest as it a well known company and the advert is rather appealing to an interested viewer. However all-in-all I prefer the Natwest advert for its style, setting and originality. ...read more.

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