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The Opening Scene of Lurhman's version of "Romeo and Juliet"

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´╗┐Mariam Saghir 9MAL-9A1 English SHAKESPEARE-ROMEO AND JULIET Shakespeare has written many popular plays ranging from different genres such as horror romance comedy and adventure. ?Macbeth,? ?A Midsummer?s Night Dream? and ?The Tempest? are a few famous examples of his work. The one we are studying as a class is one of his most well known piece ?Romeo and Juliet?. This has been produced in to several movies like the 1996 version directed by Baz Lurhman starring Claire Danes and Leonardo Di Caprio. In the 1996 version of ?Romeo and Juliet?, directed by Baz Lurhman the type of music used at the beginning is fast and classical, this is added to give a sense of adventure and excitement, to give the audience awareness that this love story has a huge meaning behind it and that it will affect both of the families and is not just going to be a boring old love story. The classical music does give and add an operatic effect to it. In the opening scene when the Montague boys arrive, funky and loud punk music is played to show that there wild and lively bunch of boys, but when the Capulets enter a cowboy tune is played which is mainly found in Spaghetti westerns. ...read more.


done to keep the audience minds awake by them thinking what does the sign mean and it also will keep them interested by thinking, it also indicates to the audience that this fight that is going to take place is going to be a very serious it is going to have a huge impact between the war that is going on between the two families. When Tybalt is first introduced in the play the camera angle starts from his feet showing us his cowboy boots which have a metal heel. This shows the audience the importance and personality of the characters and that the personality of Tybalt is shown to be as hard as metal. There is also an extreme close up of the tooth guard that Abra has on his front top teeth which is also made of metal and which has the word ?sin? engraved on it, it shows that Abra is not a merciful person. There is a medium close up when each member of the family draws out their weapon, which in this case is a gun and on the handle of the Capulets gun is a picture of an Eagle to give the audience a feeling that they are very powerful and merciless. ...read more.


Religion is going to take a huge part in the play and is going to be the theme through-out the play. During the prologue there is a flash show of exciting snap shots of the play to draw in the audience?s attention by showing exciting clips. There are images of a policeman who in this case plays as the Prince, Romeo?s best friend and the Governor?s son too. This is done to show the audience that these people are going to play an important role and this will have a huge life changing impact throughout the movie. Shakespeare may have had his Prologue read out for this play because it was one of his early scripts that he as an author had written and may have had a feeling that it would not get the right attention it deserved from the audience and that it would not draw them in. The director Baz Lurhman had shown these themes in the prologue: Revenge, Hatred, Violence, Love and Religion. This was done to add excitement and to draw in the audience to the play, by them wanting to know what happened next by watching those little clever exciting shots during the prologue. ...read more.

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