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The power of Mass Media to Influence

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The power of Mass Media to Influence It is the year 2006. We live in a world of fast growing economy with an as quickly developing technology. All sorts of modern mass media is available to keep us up to date with the daily news and happenings. The possibilities of obtaining information are enormous. Television, internet, radio, billboards, newspapers, magazines and so on are everywhere around us. These sources, though, don't provide us with objective information only. Nowadays the mass media is overfilled with advertisements from the big merchandising world. In this essay I will try to prove that people are more influenced by mass media than they would probably think they are. First of all, if you are like most people, you think that advertising has no or very little influence on you. You are wrong. ...read more.


We are tempted to buy more stuff, to keep dieting and most of all to read fashion magazines, which give us the same information over and over again. Now let us take a look at the one of the most important target groups of mass media, the youth. Every day teenage boy and girls are being exposed to a lot of advertisement. These children are an easy target for big merchandising businesses, because of the peer pressure that rules among them. They are just more likely to copy things they see and hear around them. Likewise, advertisements with famous people starring in them, are almost a certain guarantee for good sale numbers. This is because young people often have idols with whom they want to be identified and who they try to copy. So when they see their heroes wear certain clothes, drink certain drinks and use certain objects, it without doubt affects their behavior and their views on right and wrong. ...read more.


Idealistic commercials, in which both candidates were sketched as great personalities, as well as mean gossips and made-up scandals were shown to the people. Soon it simply turned out in a unfair competition in who was better at spreading the most dreadful information about the other, while in the meantime presenting oneself as a hero. The people didn't get a fair chance to form their opinions. They were just being indoctrinated by the media slogans. It all resolved in the fact that Kerry was portrayed by the Republicans as a person who changed his mind a little too often and George Bush got hold of the throne for four more years... I hope that these examples show just how people are influenced by mass media, even more that they realize. In conclusion, it can be said that the mass media in our society, with its cunning advertisements, will always find her way to influence us in our daily pursuance of success. Amount of words: 776 ...read more.

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