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The process of getting a TV show commissioned.

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Commissioning Task 1 Commissioning is when a writer or producer comes up with an idea and wants to produce it. They then write a proposal and send it off via internet or they pitch their idea to a production company or to the broadcaster directly. The BBC also have another form of commissioning this is called 'the writers room.' This is when a writer writes a script, sends it off and someone else produces it because the writer doesn't want to. Task 2 There are many ways of commissioning your idea even if it's by email or having to fill out an application form but this is the basic commissioning process in simple steps. 1. The writer will think of an idea and write a proposal 2. The writer will then organise a meeting with a production or broadcast company to arrange their pitch. 3. If the pitch is agreed then the production company may also have to go to a broadcaster. 4. Develop a production team. This could consist of a director, health and safety, presenter, researcher, editor and production manager. 5. The writer has to write a script whilst the director has to write a storyboard. If there are any changes to the script it could be done during the production process. 6. Once the programme is finished the production team shows it to the broadcaster to see whether there are changes to be made and if not the programme gets viewed on TV. ...read more.


They want a strong narrative so that it can bring back audience every week. They would like familiar topics to 'The Apprentice' and 'Masterchef' so that it can be formatted in a way to appeal to a broad audience. For comedy there are four different types of shows at the BBC. For a pre - watershed they are looking for a 30 minute show which would broadcast audience. They would like a show written by the best writers and features BBC's best performers to be seen by the widest possible audience. For a post watershed comedy show there looking for a show which also has to be 30 minutes long. They would like two different shows like 'Outnumbered' and 'Gavin and Stacey.' They would like to deliver it after the watershed. They would like the comedy to appeal to the whole nation to enjoy. The cast also have to be well known names. The familiarity is extremely important but they welcome ideas that are delivered to the audience in a modern refreshing way. The comedy sketch show is to be 30 minutes long a returnable pre and post watershed show. They would like a sketch show similar to 'Armstrong and Miller.' The sketch show would have to develop a more audience - facing comedy and will fast track shows and talent. For a comedy drama the BBC are looking for it to be 60 minutes which demonstrates longevity. ...read more.


Are they really as bad as they seem in the press? Do they make a celebrity status go higher? Well in my documentary I will be answering all those questions and will be doing that by following paparazzi around in there normal day to day life and interviewing people who are in the media industry and what they think of paparazzi. My target audience for this TV show is for both male and female and are aimed at mainstreamers and aspires because they are always up to date with the celebrity gossip and aspires aspire to be like them. The target audience ages will be for 16 - 24 year old. I would like to commission my show to channel 4 as most of the people watching there documentaries are from the ages of 16 - 34 and that goes into my target audience. As channel 4 has T4 on a Saturday and Sunday I think my show would fit well. As channel 4 are also looking for a exciting and wide range project I think my idea would tick all those boxes as it will always keep the audience entertained as they would want to know which celebrity they would photograph next. If I wanted to commission my idea to channel 4 I would have to sign up online (http://pep.channel4.com/pep/newProposal.do) and submit my proposal and if successful they would arrange a meeting with me where I would pitch my idea. ...read more.

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