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The product shown in advert one is a hair product, Pantene Pro-V Layers Collection. The advert I have chosen is out of a magazine called Hello. In contrast the next advert is Oxfam Educate a Child an advert from a magazine called New.

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Media Coursework The society would be nothing without adverts. People, Businesses and other campaigns produce adverts to advertise their products, what they do, and who it is for. Businesses all around put out posters, leaflets and even television ads; this is so it can tell the worlds and inform them on what is going on and what is out there for different kinds of people. There are many ways of advertising e.g. television, magazines, and news papers. If advertising didn't exist then the main businesses and other people wouldn't be making profits and sharing their ideas. Businesses want to advertise their products so people would consider buying it. Advertisements in out days make it; persuasive, interesting and eye catching this is so that they want people to know about their product and share it among other people. The product shown in advert one is a hair product, Pantene Pro-V Layers Collection. The advert I have chosen is out of a magazine called 'Hello'. On the advert there is a young women shown in the right hand side with a wet wash look orange dress. The woman shown has long brunette hair just past her shoulders. 'Create an impression with a salon style layers' which is written in a medium sized bold font and the top of the page. ...read more.


As for the language used in the Pantene Pro-V advert the audience is aimed at females which the company has put in persuasive language for the females to get there perfect curls. This language also gets across that there product is worth buying and trying at as nine out of then people tried this product for a week, the result of the product was fantastic! The images used on the Oxfam advert have been linked into the advertisement as this is to get across on educating a child. The main image is the man stood in his office with a child's wooden single desk as his desk. This show that kids are been mentioned in the advert and in the foreground behind the desk is a black board. This also relates to the advert as it is saying 'educating a child' this is because this application is what teachers use to present the class. The advert on the Oxfam uses blue's and gray's which sets up a dull feeling. Also there was a middle aged man in the centre of the office on the phone. This may indicate that he is ringing up, during his morning catch up to help educate a child. ...read more.


be very formal, and relaxed about it but in contrast to advert two which uses orange, indicated that this is a happy, colourful advert and eye catching. This will draw the females in to read more about it. Conclusion The Oxfam Educate a Child during your morning catch-up doesn't really appeal to me because i don't have the time and doesn't interest me. All thought advert one the Pantene Pro-V Layer Collection is the same because i don't need their products but interests me a little as i could by this as a gift for a friend or family. Both of the adverts attract different sorts of people. Women/Girls would buy the Layers Collection, and i think most men or business people would go for advert two. I found both adverts totally different in many ways. Pantene Pro-V should be happy with their advert as many people will go out and buy it. It is very good for an advert to have a demonstration like the women on it used their products and it shows you how the hair should look like. The Oxfam advert was clever as he was in an office making a phone call but had a student desk and black board to set the theme for Educating a Child. ?? ?? ?? ?? Connor Kelly 1 ...read more.

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