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The purpose of adverts is to encourage and attract people to buy a product or service.

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Catherine Thomson-Smith English Coursework- Media Study The purpose of adverts is to encourage and attract people to buy a product or service. To do this advertising companies use language, images and sound very carefully to make sure that their product or service is as appealing to a potential customer as possible. A good advertising executive can expect to earn a great deal of money as it is their ideas that will make a product successful. Every advert has a core proposition- the main claim made about the product. This is meant to make the product seem more attractive than all its competitors. To convey the core proposition every advert has a strategy. There are many different methods used such as humour, sex, science, self-improvement, an appealing lifestyle, guilt, peer pressure, panic buying, music and celebrity endorsement. The slogan is an important factor as it is frequently the main thing people remember about the product. The advert I have chosen to study is an advert for 'Gap' stretch jeans. It was shown (on this occasion) ...read more.


The images used in this advert are cool, fresh and sharp. The whole advert is set against a plain white background, which draws the viewer's attention to the people. Its simplicity prevents it distracting any attention away from the main action. Both the woman and the girl are dressed in plain, dark clothes (all, of course, from Gap). The denim they wear is dark and fairly simple. Neither the woman nor the girl has any particularly striking features. They both have darkish blond hair and appear tall and slim. The only really prominent characteristics they have are the large amounts of jewellery the woman wears and the dramatic make-up the girl wears. The only really noticeable difference between their clothing is their shoes. They both wear footwear suitable for their ages, the girl wears combat boots while the woman wears more sophisticated heels. This is meant to show that Gap have bridged the generation gap, both the woman and the girl look chic and stylish wearing similar clothes while still managing to look suitably clad for their respective age groups. ...read more.


The second sentence is very simple: 'For every generation'. These jeans are for everyone, they make everyone look good regardless of age or background. The woman says this line with a knowing smile, which appears to give a message to her contemporaries saying 'Yes, these jeans are fantastic for older women too. They can make us look stylish and trendy without being "mutton dressed as lamb"'. I think this simple copy works very well. I personally tend to find that with longer copies I don't really pay attention, whereas with a shorter message it is more dramatic and punchy and more likely to persuade me to buy that particular product. I think this advert was extremely well made and cleverly planned. Gap adverts (and this one in particular) always seem to stay in peoples' memories. Most people I mention this advert to recognise it instantly, which shows the advert is certainly working. This advert is fairly new, Gap tend to churn out new adverts on a regular basis. There is quite a large market for jeans and quite a lot of competition for Gap, although not many jeans companies have regular, televised advertisements. Overall I think this is a high-quality advert, and I am sure it will significantly help increasing sales. ...read more.

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