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The purpose of the two adverts I'm analysing are to persuade and to inform young drivers to wear seat belts and not to drink alcohol when driving

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Media coursework Adverts are everywhere and the purpose of the adverts is to sell something, to persuade or to inform you about something. These adverts are advertised in different ways like on buses, in shop windows, billboards, posters, leaflets, internet and etc. adverts come in different sizes like big ones on billboards and small ones on leaflets. Adverts are in our every day life and without these adverts we wouldn't know what is on offer. The two adverts on analysing are produced be the governments and they are both target at specific audience. This audience are young drivers. The purpose of the two adverts analysing are to persuade and to inform young drivers to wear seat belts and not to drink alcohol when driving, because it is dangerous. My first impression of the adverts came as a shock to me. ...read more.


The image they have chosen is a horrific image of an accident. It is very real-something you would see in reality. They used a rhetorical question, "if you had another chance, what would you do differently?" The reason they used a rhetorical question is to make people think before driving without a seatbelt. They used personal pronoun, so they are direct addressing to the audience-talking to you. They have used a good question and it has been written in white on a black background, to stand out. The text is very informative, it is presenting the reality. The key word in this advert is "think", it makes the audience think about wearing a seatbelt. The logo is in colour (yellow). It is in upper case font style so it stands out and the slogan emphasises the importance of the seatbelt, "always wear a seatbelt". ...read more.


The picture is in the centre of the advert and there is a pun at the top of the advert. The slogan and the logo are in colour (yellow) and everything else is in black and white. The purpose of this advert to save innocent lives and it is mainly directed at young male drivers, because they think not wearing a seat belt is cool so they are the ones that are in more danger. I think, advert one is better because it makes people realise how dangerous it could be if you don't wear a seatbelt. The advert makes me feel scared and I will always remember to wear a seatbelt. Wearing a seat belt is important and everyone should always wear a seat belt. This advert is very eye catching so it would appeal to its target audience because it gives a straight message "always wear a seat belt". ...read more.

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