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The purpose of this essay is to compare two advertising leaflets for christian aid and the rspca

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Media assessment The purpose of this essay is to compare two advertising leaflets for Christian Aid and the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals also known as the RSPCA. The RSPCA is an animal welfare organistaion whilst Christian Aid is a humanitarian organisation which focuses on the deprived people all around the world. In this essay I will be analyzing what the purpose of the two advertisements and the effectiveness of each leaflet on how they persuade the reader to act differently by donating money to the charity, furthermore I will analyse the presentation, layout and effect of both the RSPCA and Christian Aid leaflets. I will also show the persuasive techniques used and compare the two charities. The main purpose of charities is to help the helpless whether it being humans or living creatures. They want you to donate money to all the deprived humans and animals in the world. There are many reasons why we donate money to charities. Firstly we might feel sorry for the people who are less fortunate in life. Another reason is guilt, we feel guilty if we do not give money to the less fortunate humans and animals in life. Other reasons could be because we feel it is our moral duty or religious beliefs. There are many different types of charities for example animal rights like the RSPCA also there are environmental agencies and pressure groups. ...read more.


For example the sub-heading "How one well helped save a community from extinction" The word "extinction" is a very powerful word as it means wiped out. Imagine a whole community being wiped out. This sub-heading also shows how only one well helped save a community, making you think how a dozen wells would help them. The fourth bold red writing is talking directly to you the audience "That's the difference you can make - and it's a difference you can make today. Please do". The statement emphasis on the word "you" using repetition. Also in that statement it adds "Please do". They are now literally pleading for your support and your donations. This makes the reader feel sympathetic and act differently. The next sub-heading is very effective as it mentions the word "life-saving" these are very powerful words because it is a life or death situation. This leaflet emphasis on the little amount of money you have to give as it mentions "Just 24 pounds". Twenty four pounds is a very little contribution in comparison to people starving and dying in the world. The size of this leaflet is important is written in a quite big font which is good as it is easy to establish and quite eye catching. There are many statistics in this leaflet. It mentions that '36 pounds' can provide '36 women' who are benefiting from a water project with tree sampling to make extra income. ...read more.


The RSPCA advert uses many persuasive techniques to the adverts. IT uses many rhetorical questions like "Is this cat watching the world go by happily"? Or crying out for help? It also contains negative and emotive language like, cruelty, suffering, Cat found dead and the cat's name. This emotive language persuades the reader to give money if they see how much this cat and many animals are going through. The Christian Aid advert uses a lot of emotive language like extinction. This is a very powerful word as it suggests that something will be wiped out forever. It also uses many shocking images like the women trying to make a living for themselves. This helps persuade the reader as they notice how much effort and hard work these people are going through. Both adverts are very effective. However, I believe that The RSPCA charity advert is more effective as it uses a lot more emotive languages, rhetorical questions and includes an order form. It is also laid out better with the two reflecting images as you cannot get away from it where ever you are in the advert. I believe that The RSPCA would get more support from the public because it is more persuasive as it makes you think of the drastic conditions the cat is living in also it includes more emotive language. This is very important as you need to make the reader feel as sensitive as possible for them to contribute to the charity. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sachin Visavadia 10KE English coursework Mrs. Brown ...read more.

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