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The Sandman Movie Review

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The Sandman Movie Review Nightmarish, sinister and creepy are just a few words to describe the 1991s stop motion film ?The Sandman?. Traditionally the story ?The Sandman? came from a European folk tale about a fairy like creature that sprinkles sand into the eyes of sleeping children to give them dreams. The film starts of at a small candle lit window of a small old cottage. It shows a little boy dancing around beating his drum when the mother sends the child upstairs to sleep. The child is frightened and does not want to go, but does. He climbs up the long staircase with only a candle to get to his room. ...read more.


The movie was directed by Paul Barry, who has also worked on ?The Nightmare before Christmas? and ?James and the Giant Peach? which have all been a huge success. The stop motion movie took three years to make, and was funded by the filmmakers and done cheaply with a tiny crew in their spare time. The film had not won itself a short stop motion film award for nothing. The effects used in the film were very simple but had an incredible affect to the audience. Paul Barry creates a spooky atmosphere through the lighting and shadow, not forgetting the sound effects. ...read more.


Although the colours used in the movie were blacks, greys and brown, the character the sandman was blue and yellow so was the brightest character in the film. Ironic isn?t it? However, I thought that the movie was a bit too short and relates too much to ?The night before Christmas?. Although the movie was terrifying, it didn?t scare me for long which a really good horror movie is supposed to do. But is the right the movie to watch at Halloween and is a fab film for horror lovers. The movie is a bit nightmarish so we recommend it to people with strong hearts and not to young and easily influenced children. If you think this is your type of movie then check it out for yourself. ...read more.

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