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The Taliban

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The Taliban Corrupted with vile training, the Taliban are conditioned from youth to fight for "the cause." Supposedly they feel as strong about death as us Americans feel about life, so this leaves me wondering why we continue to try to "bring them to justice." How can we punish people who consider death a blessing, thus making them martyrs? Since the September 11th tragedy, America has demonstrated that their policy towards terrorism is riddled with faults and weakness. Through the media, bombings, and certain vulnerabilities, America is proving to the enemy that we are, in fact, not as strong of a nation as previously labeled. ...read more.


We are letting them now exactly how affected they have made us by their terrible acts of immorality. I feel that if we reduce the amount of irrelevant repetition on TV and radios of what all of America already knows, this will help, even if a little. The evil members of the Taliban can sit calmly and view what disorder they have caused in America. They can smile as they hold their machine guns in one hand and their turbans in the other and watch as congress, for the first time, abandons their courage. ...read more.


The Taliban have allowed Americans to change their ways and in way, they have succeeded in making it change for the worst. No one will ever feel fully safe in airplanes, public transportation, or even to each other. Personally, I think we should bomb the hell out of all suspected terrorists, but that is just my emotion talking, not my logic. America's retaliation with showers of bombs on Afghanistan did nothing but kill thousands of innocent civilians. I do not understand how this helped the situation because from the sudden breaking news about Anthrax and supposed Smallpox, we only made it worse. Intelligence gatherings should be performed more often, to better locate the Taliban and of course Bin Laden, instead of murdering innocent people. ...read more.

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