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The Truman show

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The Truman Show How does the film The Truman Show tell the audience about the influence of the media? The Truman Show represents the media in a way that they capture a baby at birth, Truman Burbank, until he finds out the media has captured him to create an effective and real life TV show called 'The Truman Show'. The character Truman demonstrates how the media can influence him as he is himself a product of the media through starring in his very own reality TV show. This infers that he had been unaware of his role in the TV show and that he had shown audiences a lot about the media. Truman Burbank is a friend of everyone and is respectful and a respected young man. The creator of The Truman Show adopted Truman and created a home in Hollywood for him however, he also kidnapped Truman's soul. ...read more.


The Truman show is based in a little town in Hollywood called sea WOOD it is a peaceful village were nothing goes wrong, everyone one runs in clockwork because they are actors and that's their job however there is only trouble when somebody from the outside try's to get in contact with Truman by breaking ion the seawood dome and then try and tell him that he is living in a reality TV show but it never works cause in the seawood public there are security guards that catch them and try and stop them before they get to Truman and tell him. In the Truman show there is a scene which shows the American dream. The American dream is were America hit a gold rush and everyone wanted to become successful and rich the way people know this is by a famous book called "The Death of a Salesman" by Arthur miller which shows a non-successful salesmen gets run down by the American dream and in the end the main character Willy commits suicide by running into by lamppost. ...read more.


the media she had a free choice, However she has been in the real-life TV for a long time and maybe Dot could think that "East enders" is her life and what she wants to do. To conclude, Using Truman show as an example of the media. The media has influenced us in many ways that I have already used in this essay but there is an example showing us that the media can capture poor people from until death. The film is effective in a way it makes the audience feel for Truman and some may feel sorry for Christoff because we could think that he has done this because he has had know kids. To conclude I think that the Truman show is a great example of showing its audience how powerful and consuming media actually is also the Truman show is an effective and real-life docu-soap and I thoroughly enjoyed it. By: Sam Curtin-Sewell ?? ?? ?? ?? Sam Sewell Year 10 Media ...read more.

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