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The two adverts that I have analysed are: an advert for the NHS which is trying to recruit new nurses and re=hire former nurses with the promise of a higher pay. And a advert for Fiat Punto which is trying to attract people

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What Different Techniques are used to make the television adverts effective? The two adverts that I have analysed are: an advert for the NHS which is trying to recruit new nurses and re=hire former nurses with the promise of a higher pay. And a advert for Fiat Punto which is trying to attract people and persuade them to purchase their car. They used narrative, representation and film techniques such as mise-en-scene and sound to make them effective. If an advert is effective it will appeal to its targeted audience. The two adverts I analysed have different purposes. The purpose of the NHS advert is to prove/show that nurses make a difference and also by proving this and giving offers of higher pay in order to attract new nurses and try to get back old ones. However, the purpose of the Fiat Punto ad is to try and attract people to buy their car, the Fiat Punto. The target audience for the Fiat Punto advert is young women, it is more aimed at the young city-going women. The advert tries to show women in control so to appeal women who like to be in control of their lives rather than just going along for the ride. ...read more.


All the lighting is focused on the girl and the background is out of focus, so the audience can not be distracted by anything. The setting for the NHS advert and the way it is filmed sells its product by using a realistic setting, which is a girl in a hospital beg, who can not speak, but with nurse help she can. The way they time the narrative of the advert shows they are looking for patient people. IT shows us the girl and after a long period of time, asks the audience, 'Lost your patients?' The advert confronts the viewer with the reality of the scene and uses the heart monitor to symbolise the balance of life and death and shows how individual nurses can make a difference. In the car advert we have a much more believable setting because it is set in a large city with numerous people hanging around shops, bars or cages. It also has other cars driving about. As the couple in the ad are driving they stop at a traffic light, which shows realism. Whereas the NHS advert is more symbolic of a hospital. We only see the girl in a darkened room, and in most hospital all areas are bright and crowded. ...read more.


The conversation does not take away from the mood created by the sound track, making the conversation disposable and not necessary for our understanding of the ad. Ad 2's main sound feature is non-digetic unlike advert 1, which is all realistic sounds. A slogan is a memorable phrase used in advertising. It usually contains an idea that is associated with the product. The car ad's slogan is 'Spirito De Punto'. I think it is a good slogan because it sums everything that has happened to being down to the spirit of the car. . The NHS slogan is the 'The NHS needs new nurses' this slogan sums up the NHS current situation in one sentence and their need for more staff. Overall, I think the car ad is the most effective at persuading people to get the product with its use of fast paced editing and the way they use the camera shots to display the car from many different angles. It is a fun and exciting advert that is effective in promoting the product. It also had more of a lot then the NHS ad, but yet was easy to follow and didn't require any dialogue to understand. The perfect setting, with bright weather, inner city, and use of young actors reflects the cars perfectness. ?? ?? ?? ?? Simon Hards 11T ...read more.

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