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The type of Ad that I have made is about power tools.

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The type of Ad that I have made is about power tools. I have chosen this type of product because I know a bit about power tools and I enjoy using them so I know what to look for when buying such product. The name that I have chosen is the ' Power Tool Unit.' In my ad it concentrates more on a drill which includes pictures and the features of the drill. The target audience that I have chosen is mainly males between the ages of 30-50. Mainly because they are the people who are going to use them and will most probably purchase them. ...read more.


This makes the three words emphasised and shows the qualities to Power Tools. I included in the advert some opinions stated as facts; "If you want a terrific piece of kit..." The reader feels now, that the product really is a terrific piece of kit. The reader now thinks that this is the truth and thinks that they are getting a good deal. In my ad I included headings, logo's and short bursts of text. My main heading is a rhetorical question to make the reader involved with the advert. "Need a Power Tool?" It is big, bold and black. This attracts the reader's attention because that is the first thing they see, and if they see that they need a tool it will attract them in. ...read more.


The logo also attracts he reader's attention to see the symbolism of the shield. The text in my advert is not in one big continuous piece of text because the reader would be stood there all day reading it and they would see it and think that is boring. So what I did was split the little pieces of text into small paragraphs with their own little subheadings. The paragraphs have been split up into, power, guarantee, features, extras and cost. This is done, so that if the reader is only interested in one point, then they can just as easily find it without having to scan all the text if it was long piece of texts. I have underlined and made the subheadings bold to attract the readers attention even more. ...read more.

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