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The Untouchables review

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The Untouchables (First Impression): The film "The Untouchables" in my first thought is a very good film with some very entertaining scenes such as gun fights and also where the little girl is blown up in a bar right at the beginning of the film and I know this is entertaining as the whole class laughed at this point which is what the director "Brian De Palma" is obviously trying to achieve. There were 2 main characters in my view, they were Al Capone (The leader of the so called bad side which was played by Robert De Niro) ...read more.


An example of a great camera angle is the opening scene where Al Capone is introduced. He is made to known by a camera slowly going down from a bird's eye view on him where he is being pampered. This then tells us he's very rich as the room he's in is very spacious and also that he's being shaved by someone else. This immediately tells us that he is going to be a main character throughout the film and I'm correct as he is the so called bad guy in the film. ...read more.


piece of music which was a piece showing their power and good friendship between them to make the audience feel as if they are the business. However I feel with the music that it was slightly used to much as the same piece came up every so often in different scenes. Overall I feel the untouchables was a good film which had many entertaining parts , which also had good affects like the music and camera angles however I feel that there should've been more music throughout the film . ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel Lett 10BA ...read more.

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