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This coursework aims to decode the representational code in and advert which is trying to sell laptop computers.

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English GCSE Media Analysis Coursework This coursework aims to decode the representational code in and advert which is trying to sell laptop computers. The target receiver groups are either teenagers interested in buying newer faster laptops, students at university who need to work efficiently and want to maximize their space or large businesses and business men that move around, so they will need a fast, portable solution; a laptop (also known as notebook PC's). I will be analysing 3 different adverts: 1) Samsung Q10 Digital Notebook 2) Sony VAIO PCG-NV109M 3) Asus L3 Pentium IV Series I will be looking at the signifiers each one of them represents, for example if it uses the colour silver, its could be interpreted as a signifier to tell us that this is a high-class product. Also I will be looking to see how the advert is connotated (an individuals interpretation of the picture/advert/image) or how it is denotated (the facts about the picture/advert/image). Usually the signifiers would be colour, camera focus, camera angle, positioning (in the foreground and background), stereotype etc... The Samsung Q10 Digital Notebook advert is advertising the new Samsung Q10 digital notebook. The advert has two main sections, the image and the copy with the product illustration. The image section has the main picture of the Q10, and has a man in the background. Also in this section you can see the Samsung logo along with the pun "DigitALL Freedom". The copy section has the main body copy with a signature line above it. The body copy contains some of the information on the product such as weight, height and features. Also in this section you can find the "Samsung DigitALL Everyone's Invited" slogan and its respective logo. Also in this section it gives you information that Samsung use genuine Microsoft Windows, and gives you a web link to Microsoft' piracy site. The Sony VAIO PCG-NV109M advert is advertising the Sony VAIO notebook PC. ...read more.


Along the bottom of the adverts are the retailers/outlets of the product, this is where the manufacturers hope the readers will look at last, because this means that the advert has caught heir attention, they have read the description and then they want the product. Overall most of the adverts have put their product in the middle of the advert, and have surrounded it with text, or other pictures. I think the most effective use of positioning is demonstrated by the Samsung advert where they have the picture then along the bottom the text, also the placing of their logos is very well done. This is because of primary optical area is the picture, and then as they eye sees that it moves onto the anchor and then the body text. Asus have also done a good job with their advert, they wanted to put lots of text up so they separated it out. This makes it look much better and also it would make the viewer much more likely to read it, since most people would prefer small pieces of writing than to read one large piece. The Sony advert has good positioning with the product and the dog so it looks like the dog is using the laptop, also they have placed the Pentium 4 symbol in the top corner, this makes the viewer look at it, which then after they have seen it, their eyes will move to the text and the anchor "Download music straight to MiniDisc". Camera angles are important as they can make an object seem small or large, thick or thin, and in the portable laptop industry these two factors are very important. As we can see in the Samsung Q10 advert the camera angle is on a tilt, and pointing upwards towards the light and the man, this can give the connotation that the screen on this product is large, this is always something that people want, the larger the screen, the bigger the resolution, therefore the better the quality of images. ...read more.


They have used the space well. The camera angle seems to be medium short, to make the product look smaller and more compact, this is a god thing as it makes the product sell, also the hard and clear focus of this advert is on the laptop while the soft focus of the man is clear, the background is blurry. This probably is so the attention is kept on him and the product. The anchor of this advert is placed underneath the image, it is placed here so when you finish with the picture your eyes move onto the text, and this would be the first thing you see because its bigger than anything else. This advert doesn't have any lighting effect on the actual product, but it does have some stereotype images. Like the Samsung advert, they have used the image of a man, instead of a woman. Again this can signify that this is a product for men and that men can use it better than women. Overall I think the advert that works best in most circumstances is the Samsung Q10 advert. Because today's society has lots of cars, traffic jams and social problems, then colours like white and blue catch people's attractions, since it something different from what is going on around us. Here Samsung have used attractive colours, curvy edges, good lighting effects, good image and not much text to tell you most of the things about the product. If someone flicking through a magazine saw this advert, looking to buy a laptop computer, then they would probably stop and take a look. It has some easy to see text, the product isn't masked or shadowed by anything, but has light shining onto it, and also the text is just enough to tell you what you need to know about the PC. That's why I think that the best advert out of the three is the Samsung Q10 DigitALL Freedom Notebook. ...read more.

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