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Through close analysis of two advertisements, compare and contrast the techniques acvertisers use to attract and persuade their target audiences.

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CANDIDATE NAME: MUBASHIRA HANNAN CANDIDATE NO: 0028 CENTRE NAME: RABIA GIRLS SCHOOL CENTRE NUMBER: 15224 THROUGH CLOSE ANALYSIS OF TWO ADVERTISEMENTS, COMPARE AND CONTRAST THE TECHNIQUES ADVERTISERS USE TO ATTRACT AND PERSUADE THEIR TARGET AUDIENCES. The two adverts that have been selected are concerning mobile networks. Article A is 'Orange' and article B is 'Vodafone'. These adverts have been chosen to analyse from the same tabloid paper - The Sun. The Orange mobile service presents a monthly allowance with '200 inclusive minutes of calls to any network' and '500 texts a month free'. This contract also offers a free camera phone, giving its audience to choose one out of five different ones. All this is for �30 a month. The contact details are also available i.e. website, telephone number etc. Whereas the Vodafone article proposes '100 minutes' and '50 texts free' with only a choice of a Nokia camera phone. The monthly cost of this agreement is �15 but it normally costs �25. The contact details are vacant as well. The colour of the Orange advert background is black. ...read more.


It offers fewer minutes and smaller quantities of texts than the Orange advert. The Orange advert costs less than the Vodafone article. I think this because article A gives you 200 minutes to any network plus 500 free texts and a free camera phone of your choice for just �30 a month. Article B is more expensive as it offers 100 minutes and 50 free texts for �15. It is half the amount of the Orange article. There are less minutes and less texts, and it would normally cost a person �25 if they were to buy it if not on offer. The similarity between the two adverts is that they both somehow offer the same service but the Vodafone lacks some techniques the Orange advert appealed. They both possess the details on how to contact them and also have a logo in one corner of their articles and they both give images of the free phones that are to be given away with the contract. The Vodafone advert is the only article that has a slogan 'How are you?' ...read more.


It might tempt audiences who still haven't seen the Orange advert. People who have seen both the adverts and have chosen the Orange one, I think they will not look twice at the Vodafone because of its price and what it offers. There is white writing against the red backdrop and black writing against the white backdrop. I think the use of colours in article B is the negative side of it. The advertisers should have used intriguing colours for the advert to be more persuasive to its audience even though it is an expensive contract. Although red is a colour expresses danger, love, blood that is commonly used in the Vodafone advert it has an opposing effect to draw attention to its viewers. Out of these two adverts, the Orange advert is attractive and could easily have the contract sold out. There is a huge competition between the two: the colour, the cost, the contract and the advert itself. As an individual and in judgment of members of the target audience of both the adverts I have taken into contemplation that article A has grasped the audience's attention and is highly successful in the procedure, which are used for this process. ...read more.

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