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To advertise is to; “draw attention to or describe favourably (good or services) in a public medium to promote sales

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"Advertising uses powerful psychology and influences our views of the world." Discuss this statement with reference to car adverts produced for television. To advertise is to; "draw attention to or describe favourably (goods or services) in a public medium to promote sales."(1) It aims to encourage the consumer to buy the company's products. Advertising takes different forms according to the society in which it operates. Town criers were probably one of the first types of advertising. They would appeal through the sense of hearing. Slowly over the centuries, advertising has progressed and now it is unlikely that a day will pass without you encountering hundreds of adverts. People are bombarded with adverts. They can be subtle, such as a shop name on a carrier bag, something that is taken for granted or multi-million pound campaigns which have commercials on every television channel. Advertising agencies and companies recognise the awesome power of television and the other media and, in 1999, UK advertising expenditure totalled a record �15.3 billion. (2) Coca-Cola is a prime example of how influential an advertising campaign can be: Father Christmas traditionally wore a blue suit but as part of one of their campaigns, Coca-Cola changed that to red in keeping with the colour scheme of their packaging. Children growing up today will only associate the colours red and white with Father Christmas, not the original blue. ...read more.


As she drives around his treasured possessions, for example the cricket trophy and his guitar, which have been carefully arranged in the courtyard, she demonstrates her driving ability while he pathetically chases the car. But she is also telling the audience the car has good handling, speed and power. The excellent braking is portrayed when she speeds towards his guitar, stopping with only inches to spare. This reinforces her superior position in the relationship. The lovers' story concludes when the man pleads for forgiveness, he declares his love and his admiration for her driving. The woman is completely in control. In this way the woman's revenge is absolute. The advertiser is hoping that the female viewer will subconsciously link her success with owning a Fiat Punto. The advert appears to have been shot in a hot Mediterranean country as opposed to England. I think this because of the dusty ground and the elegant fa�ade of the buildings. The advert features a gramophone which is playing opera, traditionally popular in Italy, and Fiat is an Italian company. A silver car is selected to appear in the advert as it looks sleek and sophisticated. The classical Italian buildings are reflected in its bodywork adding to this overall image. The storyline in this advert uses the woman moving from a position of inferiority to a position of strength. ...read more.


Voiceovers describing aspects of the car, for example safety, aren't used in either of the adverts although the Fiat advert uses spoken copy as a contributory part of the story. It is mainly images that are used to sell the Fiat car, while the Volvo advert uses exclusively images and sounds which means it relies heavily on psychology for its impact. The Volvo is portrayed as a technically advanced car, exciting to drive but still a safe family car. The Fiat Punto is marketed as a car for an independent woman to buy, classy and sophisticated. In conclusion I feel that I have shown ways in which advertising uses powerful psychology and influences our views of the world. The Punto advert portrayed the world to be dominated by powerful women who inevitably were in control because they drove the right car. These messages will confront the subconscious thinking of women and may influence their decision on which car they may buy. The Volvo advert uses psychology to change people's perceptions of the Volvo car by showing it as an exciting mode of transport to be used anywhere in the world. As virtually every household in the country has at least one television set, this medium reaches a huge audience. However, advertisers need to be aware of changing trends. The advent of the internet, which holds an even more captive audience, presents new possibilities for the advertisers to sell products. (1) Concise Oxford Dictionary. (2) www.adasoc.co.uk Advertising Association Statistics ?? ?? ?? ?? Rosemary Maguire Media Assignment ...read more.

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