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To compare and contrast two magazine adverts, Paying close attention to the use of persuasive language.

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G.C.S.E Coursework Media Advertising Ryan Jenkins B10B To compare and contrast two magazine adverts, Paying close attention to the use of persuasive language. The two adverts that I am going to write about, Advertising a bedroom for sale, Advertising office space in a office layout The brand for Sharp bedrooms tells me straight away that the advert is advertising bedrooms. The word "Sharp" means that it isn't just any bedroom, Sharp as in good looking, Stands out from any other bedroom, It tells us that it is quick at noticing it, That it is distinct. The Brand name for the office equipment "designed for any business". This tells us straight away that it is suitable for any business. That it can be used anywhere. The slogan "crafted for any business and any budget". This tells us that they can make it to fit any budget. There is alliteration used in the office advert it is business and budget. ...read more.


The complete use of language used is very good, some examples of the These are unique, Tailor made, Ideal working environment. It is not like any normal bedroom you would see, The colour of the furniture is different , it is very effective it stands out more than any normal bedroom. They Layout of the Photos are similar with pictures on the top of the page and writing on the bottom. The picture of the bedroom is one of its main selling points because the way its displayed to the buyers. The persuasive language used is good , they are unique which means , Being only one of a kind, Which suggests that it is special, The word diverse means that it is varied of many several kinds, This means there is different types of office equipment for different purposes and to suit peoples needs. The layout of the office has a snobbery appeal to it because it looks expensive and only suitable for rich and snobbery people. ...read more.


suit I think would look best using this equipment, because they are modelling top of the range equipment, so they have to look the part. Even though both of the adverts have there ups and downs the best advert has to be the one selling the bedroom furniture this is more appealing in the way that I look at it because it is more descriptive, better laid out, each word witch describes its main selling points are bold so they are more clear and easy to point out. the setting which it is set in, is very suitable for the item witch is selling. I now that I would be less interested in reading the advert on the office equipment because of the setting , the dark colours make it more dull to me. This is why I think the advert selling the bedroom furniture is better presented and is put over to the reader as being top of the range and offers you cannot resist, and it would appeal to me more as a reader. ...read more.

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