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Two texts which have created humour are; 'A tour of the Cages' and 'The Beano.' A tour of the Cages was a humuorous piece written in the 1950's

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How has humour been created in two texts from section 2? - Comment on language and graphology in your answer. Two texts which have created humour are; 'A tour of the Cages' and 'The Beano.' A tour of the Cages was a humuorous piece written in the 1950's for children. The full heading reads, 'A tour of the Cages or Masters One by One', already the title gives the reader the impression of a zoo or animals, which is to be related somehow to school life. The text is about private schools and stereotypes hippies. The basic meaning of the humour insertion in this text is that the pupil who is trying to mock the teacher or the school, is really exposing himself, exposing his own need for image. The whole of the text is written from the student's point of view, all the words are spelt phonetically to emphasize that the pupil is speaking. The student is complaining that he must be so thoughtful and works too hard. This poem generates humour as it is self contradictory from the student's point of view. ...read more.


The student contradicts himself on a few occasions but hugely when talking about poetry. The student feels the need to mock poetry as he feels it is old-fashioned and makes no sense. He tries to be very masculine and mach in trying to say that 'poetry is sissy stuff that rhymes.' He spells the word poetry wrongly and cockily tries to modernize it. On the whole the text creates humour well, it is meant for children, but the humour aspect of it is not. The ironic persona is it's main focus, and the text mainly concentrates on exposing the student for his own need for image and his actual stupidity. Another poem that creates humour is 'The Beano'. The text is a comic extract and explores humour in the same way the 'A tour of the Cages' does, in the sense that the humourous side of it is too mature for the children it is meant for. The theme of the text is where the 'Bash Street Kids' visit an aviary on a school trip. ...read more.


Once inside the aviary, the boys are mocked by the birds. The birds seem to play with the children, as they are superior to them. This part of the text is humourous as it includes several puns and jokes. The main idea is the irony of each bird as it lives up to its name. For example the secretary birds are found doing one of the child's homework and the humming bird smelling. The irony here is that these birds don't actually do as their names suggest but they do outsmart the boys in most cases. Conclusively, the ironic sense of humour in this text and the first, works well in the sense that it creates humour on a sophisticated level. The connotations on words, ironic persona and literacy jokes from the first text help to create humour. The second stereotypes the boys, in saying that they are stupid, uses role reversal to show how the birds are more intelligent, and irony that the birds live up to their name. This text also uses lots of onomatopoeia when describing the sounds the birds make. All of these factors contribute to the text creating humour. ...read more.

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