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Types of advertising and promotion - Reebok.

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P1 The 'I am what I am' campaign needed to meet the legal requirements of many countries. In the UK there are several laws that control the type of advertising and promotion of goods. Reebok needed to be aware of the legal constraints within which they could operate. The main legislation affecting advertising and the sale goods are. The sale goods Act 1979 states that's goods sold should meet three main conditions. First they should be of satisfactory quality - they must not have any flaws or problems associated with them. For example Reebok footwear cant have holes or be scuffed without any where in them. Also they must be fit for what they were made for, for example football boots which are made for grass must be suitable for grass and must be stable. ...read more.


Voluntary standards Volountary codes of practise are statements by an organisation or a committee about methods of working which are recommended as good practise within the industry. Organisations, companies and businesses that volunteer to stick to these codes display symbols showing the customers what they do. The ASA is responsible for all advertisements and promotion in these areas: * Press - local, regional and national magazines and newspapers. * Outdoor Advertising - posters, billboards transport and aerial announcements. * Direct Marketing - mail, leaflets, letters, brochures and catalogues. * Screen Promotions - Cinema adverts, T.V adverts, internet and computer games * Sales Promotions - front page promotions, on package promotions and competitions. The British code of Advertising and sales promotion are the rules governing this type of activity. ...read more.


The mothers against guns didn't like the advert because they said it was promoting guns in a good way and felt that the younger children could see that guns is a good thing. They went to the ASA and complained. The ASA said that they breached the TV advertising standards dealing with the violence of 50 cents life inappropriately. Reebok had to withdraw the advert because it was getting to much publicity and Reebok was getting a bad name for its self. There was a mixed opinion on the advert, but Reebok had to get rid of the advert because there could be loosing out on more customers everyday. If people don't like Reebok they can easily go to other rivals such as Nike and Adidas so it's a very competitive market and Reebok need to be careful what they do. ...read more.

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